Who's the daddy ?

Two against one baby mama ,1 year old baby boy she been hiding for a year .
Jacob and Angel always trying to win Alexandra and her new born .
But who is the father ?..


1. How it all started

- one year before Aj was born -

The phone rings in the other room and I get up and to pick it up .

Jacobs on the other line so i pick up 

Me : Hello ?

Jacob : Hey you coming over later ? theirs a house party tonight and maybe we can get a couple drinks, smoke and chill if its chill with you ?

Me : Yeah sure whos going to be there ?

Jacob : Ella , Steven , Brandon , Me , you , Angel 

Me : Ok sure im in what time ?

Jacob : at 10 pm be there ight ?
Me : ok i will 

We both hang up and i laugh just thinking about all the wildness thats going to go on later that night .

I go to the kitchen and check the time its " 8:56pm" and I grab a family size bag of cheetos and sits on the couch intill 9:30 

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