God knows

only God knew where I am at that moment. the only thing I could see is snow.


1. God knows

I slowly put my head out of my hands and opened my eyes. I only saw white, but it's cold

*snow* I thought to myself, I was in the snow in a forest. why was I here, I still had my wings so that doesn't mean I'm punished. I retracted my wings till they only showed like tatoos on my shoulders. I looked around me and saw a dirt path, I got up and walked to it.

When I got out of the forest I found myself in a small human city. so that mean that God sent me here to help somebody, I walked around the city to find the person I needed to help.

Suddenly I felt something evil arriving on my right and saw a young couple watching the big Chistmas tree in the center of the city. the evil came from the young woman. when I took a closer look at the couple I understood what my mission is.

* so I have to save this young man from Satan that's what I need? please my Lord give me a sign* right after I thought this a ray of sun went on the young man's face and I knew I was right. but how could I help him. he already was under the demon's spell.

I tried to cross the road but when my foot touched the road I heard my ankle crack and fell right in front of a car. hopefully the driver could stop before hitting me. I was in a fetal position and when I lifted my head to see what happened I saw the young man kneeling beside me:

"You all right?" he asked with a concerned look on his face.

the young woman I saw with him a second ago was fuming behind him, litterally, I could see her in her true form for a split second. I looked back at the young man tears in my eyes:

"I think my ankle's sprained."

the young man had a breath of relief and got up, he took my hand and helped me up. I couldn't stand upright so he put his arm around my shoulder.

"here. let me help you."


when he touched my shoulder I felt a jolt of electricity in my whole body. What was that? behind us I could feel the venomous stare of the girl on my back

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