The Journey Of 8

Meagan invites her friends and their boyfriends on a fun walk in the sun in a field, they find a dead body and soon discover that their city has been over taken by an Army. They have to fend for themselves and figure out who is a friend and who is a foe. This story follows them through the whole time their city is over run, it looks at the fall outs, the breakups, the deaths and the relationships that are all shaped by the disaster around them. Will they live and find their families or will they let their personalities get in the way?


2. The Dead Body

Meagan: Ok, Star this is Dawn and Dawn this is Star.

    -Star and Dawn shake hands-

Star: Hi

Dawn: Hey

  -Meagan smiles and laughs awkwardly-

Meagan: Alrighty then.

  -She rubs her hands together-

Meagan: What should we do?

Dawn: I don’t mind.

Star: Me neither.

  -All laugh awkwardly-

Meagan: How about we go for a walk?

Star: Sure.

Dawn: Ok.

  -The girls walk outside and decide to go for a walk to Rachel’s-

Dawn: Do you think she will like me?

Star: Of course she will.

Meagan: She will.

  -Knock knock-

Rachel: Hello.

Meagan: Hey Rach.

Rachel: Hey Meg. What are you doing here?

Meagan: Well...

  -As Meagan was about to answer Josh, walked up behind Rachel-

Josh: Rach, who is it?

Rachel: Its Star and Meg.

Josh: Oh, hi.

Meagan+Star: Hi.

Josh: So...

Meagan: WE were just wandering if you wanted to come for a walk with us?

Rachel: Sure, hey lets go to Chantelle and see if she wants to go for a walk with us too?

  -Rachel grabs her cardigan, and the group makes their way to Chantelle’s-

Chantelle: Hey guys.

Star: Hey, do you want to come for a walk with us?

Chantelle: Sure, why not.

  -The group eventually find their way to Sam and Ryan’s house; Star, Chantelle, Rachel and Josh go to Ryan’s. Meagan and Dawn go to Sam’s-

Meagan: Hey Sam, do you want to go for a walk through the bush with us?

Sam: Sure.

  -Meagan, Dawn and Sam meet up with Star and the others and start up the          hill-

Star: Hey Meg, come here.

Meagan: Yeah, what?

Star: Look at who Ryan brought along.

  -Meagan looked up at James; he was at the front of the group-

Meagan: Yeah, so?

-Meagan blushes, Dawn walks up-

Dawn: What are you blushing about?

Star: James.

Dawn: oh.

  -Ryan and James come running down to the trio-

Ryan: Sam has found this awesome place. Come and have a look.

James: Come on little girls.

Star: Fine, don’t rush us.

  -The boys run back to the front, the girls follow slowly-

Meagan: SO Sam, what is this place?

Sam: An old farm shed, I think.

James: Cool, can we go in and explore, or are you girls too scared?

Meagan: We are perfectly fine, thank you very much.

  -Meagan walks towards the door-

Meagan: Or were you trying to use us as an excuse to not have to go in?

James: Just try and stop me little girl.

  -James walks in to the shed-

James: ahhhh.

  -The group run in to find that James fell through some termite infested wood-

Meagan: Now, now James you shouldn’t always rush into things.

Sam: Especially, when you don’t know how dangerous it may be.

Meagan: aha.

James: Shut up and help me out.

  -Meagan crouches down and puts her hand in, James grabs it and pulls her in-

Meagan: thank you very… what the hell is that?

  -Meagan rolls over to find something-

James: It looks like a skeleton.

Star: Don’t be stupid, you two.

Meagan: No we are being serious.

Dawn: Help me down.

  -James and Meagan help the rest of the group down so that they can see-

Star: ahhhh, Ryan come here.

Rachel: EW, that is disgusting.

Josh: Come here, I will help you up.

Meagan: Why is it down here?

Ryan: How are we supposed to know that?

Meagan: I don’t know, I’m just thinking out loud.

Ryan: Sorry.

Meagan: That’s ok.

  -The group make their way out to find Rachel crying-

Meagan: Rachel it’s ok.

Sam: We should go and tell the cops.

Rachel: But what if we are on private property and we get in trouble for being here?

Ryan: But it’s not, heaps of people come out here and never get in trouble.

Sam: That’s true, now let’s go and get the cops.

Rachel: Ok.

  -They group get out of the shed before Sam pulls out her phone and calls the police-

Operator: Hello, what department would you like?

Sam: Police.

Operator: Yes, what is your emergency?

Sam: Ah, I’m out in the John Forrest National Park in a clearing, with a shed and myself and a group of my friends have found a dead body.

Operator: A group of detectives will be there in 10 minutes, please do not touch the bodies or leave the site.

Sam: Yes, ok.

  -Sam hangs up the phone-

Sam: They said that a group of detectives will be here in about 10 minutes, we aren’t allowed to touch the bodies or leave.

Meagan: Ok, so let’s get comfortable and wait.

Chantelle: It’s getting late, I should be heading home.

  -She gets up and starts to leave-

Sam: You can’t leave yet, we only just got here, and you need to be here in case the cops need our individual stories.

Chantelle: Well my story is going to be the same as everybody else’s.

Meagan: Yeah, but that still doesn’t give you any right to leave.

Chantelle: Yeah, well I can get into heaps of trouble for missing my dance class.

Meagan: I don’t give a damn about your stupid dance class; don’t you think that maybe these people have families and that their families are still looking for them, wondering where they are?

Chantelle: I seriously can’t miss my dance class; I could lose my place in the teaching area of the dance studio.

Star: Come on, don’t fight.

Chantelle: This isn’t fighting.

Meagan: Shut up Chantelle, whenever you get in an argument with someone, people have said to stop arguing and then you whine saying that it’s not an argument or a fight. So just stop your whining sit down and shut the hell up.

Chantelle: Fine.

  -Chantelle sits down-

James: WOW, now what is our entertainment going to be?

Meagan: Don’t you dare start.

Star: OK, now let’s all sit down and calm down.

Meagan: OK.

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