Rise Of The Dead

Meagan and her sister Lola think that they are ordinary teenagers, but when there is a death that was supposed to be done by 'vampires' they are whisked away to the cemetery. This where they are informed that they are not in fact just humans and from then on they have to find their way through the world of the undead.


2. The Slayers

Meagan and Lola wake up in separate rooms. They both look around and try and soak in their surroundings, and then the images of last night appear. Meagan breaks down and doesn’t stop until the door opens to reveal the sound of singing, she looks up to see a young looking lady in the doorway.

Lady: Welcome to the end. Don’t panic there is nothing to fear. Everything around you is changing. Nothing will stay the same. It always was and always will be the end. Welcome to the end.

Meagan: Ah, who are you? And what have you done with my sister?

Lady: As I must repeat you have nothing to fear.

The lady pauses and makes a gesture to get Meagan to follow her, Meagan hesitates for a few moments then follows her into a dark passage way. The Lady stops outside a large door, identical to her own. The Lady opens it. Lola comes rushing out at Meagan.

Lola: OMG you are finally here, they wouldn’t tell me where you were. But they said you were safe.

Meagan: Who do you mean ‘They’?

Lola: Come and I will introduce you to them, they really are nice people. They said that they knew mom.

Both girls flinch at the past term.

Meagan: How do they know if mom is dead?

Lola: Well they seem really familiar with what took her.

Meagan: Well mom has kept a huge secret from us for all these years.

Lola: Yeah that’s for sure, but there is a story that goes back to when it was first made. They won’t tell me, they said that they wanted to wait for you.

Meagan: They wanted to wait for me?

Both girls were pulled over to a large group of people. The people were a mixture of colours which scared Megan and yet made Lola curious. The people had disfigured their bodies in many more ways than the colours; they had cat eyes, fangs and some had scales or wings. In the middle of the group sat a lady, who would have been in her mid-60’s maybe early 70’s. She gestured for the girls to sit down in front of her, before she spoke.

Lady: This time exactly 24 hours ago, one of our most beloved warriors died a humble and courageous death, defending her only daughters and her coven. She today and every other day from now on will be remembered for her strong-willed and determined mind which had gotten her so far in her life. Yet she may have been only merrily a human, she had the heart and skills of a true descendent of our tribe. At this very moment let Elizabeth Louise Martin be remembered as a true warrior.

The Lady finished and instead of every one breaking out and applauding, they all sat in silence humming a soft tune. Meagan and Lola just sat their crying quietly trying not to interrupt the silence.

Lady: Lola Martin and Meagan Martin the descendants of Charlie Martin and Elizabeth Louise Martin please be blessed with your family’s skills and determination. Because from this day on it is the beginning of the end.

Both girls look up as the Lady handed them something.

Lady: In the future these weapons will be needed; they are your secret weapon. May you not have to use them unless it is the last thing you have to do to survive. These weapons have been in waiting for your special touch, since you were born.

Meagan unwrapped hers first. It is a gem The cap was silver and connecting to the cap was a long chain, to go around the neck to become a necklace.

Meagan: What is it?

Lady: It is the Opal. This gem has the power to give the wearer glimpses of the future and to aid people with weak sight. The Opal has a powerful relationship with the Lapis Lazuli, the heavenly stone, and a powerful talisman.

Meagan put the Opal safely around her neck. Next was Lola to open hers. It is a Topaz.

Lola: I think I have seen this before but I can’t remember where.

Lady: It is a Topaz; this gem can help you open doors to the spirit world, it strengthens and clears the mind and lastly it can protect you from the terrors of the night.

Lola carefully placed to Topaz around her neck and both girls thanked the Lady for the gifts.

Lady: Really it was no problem; your mother had the Diamond. The Diamond gives courage and strength and can help true love.

Meagan: If it could help true love, why couldn’t it help our father and our mother stay together?

Lady: Well the truth is that your mother and father split because if the two of them stayed together it would make keeping you safe impossible.

Meagan: Why? Why is it so important to keep us alive?

Lady: Because you are blessed with two very different genes. This makes you both deadly killers.

Meagan: And what are the genes? Might I ask?

Lady: Well let’s say all will be revealed in time.

The Lady stood up and walked off, like nothing had happened.

Lola: Meagan, what the hell was that about?

Meagan: Don’t you think it’s a little strange that we are in a place; we have no idea who any one is and yet she was telling us that our parents’ slipt up because of us. She has no idea who we are.

Lola: Actually she does, she was the person who trained mom and she was dads’ godmother.

Lola and Meagan both fell to silence, during their little argument the most of the group had left for breakfast. The only people left were the girls; two boys and the lady who had lead Meagan to the room. The Lady came over and got the girls to follow her out of the room. As they walked out Meagan looked around the room, when she looked over to the far dark corner she saw a young boy about her age staring at her. She quickly looked away and followed the Lady.

Meagan: Excuse me, but who was that Lady?

Lady: That was Madam Penelope; she is a descendent of our first covens’ leader.

 Meagan: So is she like a queen or something?

Lady: Yes, she is just like a queen. For the past year she has been waiting for your father to come back, to be the next heir to the throne.

Lola: Why our dad?

Lady: Because he was the closest thing she had a child, but since they killed your mother we think that they could have possibly killed your father as well.

Meagan: So, who is the next heir?

Lady: Either of you. That she feels comfortable leaving her coven in the hands of.

The Lady stopped outside a large dining room. There were lots of tables filled with food plus everyone was sitting down talking about many things.

Lady: I should leave you here but if you ever need me, or if you get lost. Just call for Anastasia.

Both the girls nodded and Anastasia walked away. The girls walked into the Dining room and looked around for a spare seat. They found an empty table, they filled up with food and went and sat down.

Meagan: This food is amazing.

Lola: Mm mm.

The girls sat in silence scoffing down food.

Boy: Excuse me, but do you mind if I sit with you?

Meagan: No, not at all.

The young boy sat down and introduced himself. His name was Luke. His parents had died when he was a young child. He had grown up here since then.

Meagan: I’m Meagan and this is my younger sister Lola. Our mother died yesterday.

Luke: What was her name?

Lola: Why do you want to know?

Luke: So I can add her to my prayers.

Meagan: Ah, her name is Elizabeth Louise Martin.

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