Rise Of The Dead

Meagan and her sister Lola think that they are ordinary teenagers, but when there is a death that was supposed to be done by 'vampires' they are whisked away to the cemetery. This where they are informed that they are not in fact just humans and from then on they have to find their way through the world of the undead.


8. The Other Brother


Meagan: This is going to be harder than we expected.

Liam: Can’t we find your Lola by looking through your necklace?

Meagan: I don’t think so; there was only a connection between my necklace and Nick’s.

Liam: We have to tell the others.

Liam tried standing up from behind the bush, Meagan grabbed for his shirt but it was already too late Shae had spotted Meagan and Liam.

Shae: You arse you said that she was killed by a blood hound.

Liam: I can explain.

Jerry: Yeah, well you better.

Meagan: Wait, it wasn’t him. Shae its Tony he survived. When you left me with Liam, it wasn’t actually Liam it was Tony; he had kidnapped Liam and he kidnapped me but we got out.

Shae: Ok then what’s Tony doing here?

Liam: To kill me for ruining his life and to kill Lola and Meagan.

Jerry: Than we have to find him and Lola. But before we go Liam please put this on so that we can recognise you apart.

Liam: Ok.

Jerry took off his protective necklace and gave it to Liam. He took it willingly and they started the search for Lola. Meagan and the girls go off in one direction and the boys go the opposite direction.

Shae: Where do you think he would take Lola?

Meagan: Maybe back to the tribal area.

Shae:  Well, it’s a good place to start.

They hadn’t taken even a few more steps when a blood-curdling scream echoed the air. Meagan didn’t have time to think her instincts took over and she was running towards the scream and towards Lola. When she found the clearing she found the most disturbing sight.

Meagan: LOLA!!

Lola: I’m fine but it’s Matthew I’m worried about.

Meagan: What do you mean? Aw Lola let me see your arm.

Lola: Leave it, its fine but Liam has Matthew.

Meagan: It’s not Liam it’s his twin brother Tony.

Lola: Ok.

Meagan: Long story.

The rest of the group come running through the trees all exhausted and tired. They seemed relieved to have found Lola.

Lola: Come on what are we waiting for, Tony has Matthew.

Jerry: But Matthew is a Demon.

Lola: He saved my life and now I have to repay him.

And with that Lola turned and ran into the trees, Meagan looked around at everyone and followed, than Liam, than Shae, than Jerry etc…

Everyone eventually came together and stormed the area as a group.

Lola: Where is he?

Tony: He is safe, for now.

Lola: You are such an arse you know that.

Tony: Oh now you don’t want to be mean to me do you.

Lola: Why not?

Tony: Because I am in charge of your lover’s life.

Lola: And how are you in charge of his life?

Tony: Because he said if I don’t harm you I can keep his heart, if I harm you he will kill me.

Meagan: You speak pretty calmly about your death.

Liam: Why are you here Tony?

Tony: Because you ruined my life.

Liam: I didn’t do shit to your life, you were the one who thought that you had to protect me.

Tony: Don’t you dare speak to me like that; you have no idea what I have been put through because of you.

Liam: Do I, because ever since mom and dad turned and you ‘died’ defending me I have been the centre of attention.

Tony: Are you serious? That life sounds a lot better than the shit hole that I was in.

Liam: OK than smart arse what have you been through?

Tony: Alright than; I have had to kill to survive, I killed mother and father to make sure that they didn’t come back for you, but yet their pack still attacked your coven because I was there trying to warn you. Every single night I cry myself to sleep, thinking of all those helpless souls that I have destroyed. I ask myself how did I come to this but you want to know the only answer that I came up with?

Liam: Sure.

Tony: You.

At that very moment Jerry and Shae lunged at Tony but in mid area they froze.

Tony: Oh this is my news, I am officially a Wizard.

Liam: How?

Tony: I stole the power.

Liam: You bastard.

Tony: Now Shae, poor Shae. The only person in the world I thought that I could trust is now trying to kill me with her dumbass of a boyfriend and as I hear the father of her child.

Shae: How did you find that out?

Tony: Well, let’s just say I did some snooping around when I came to warn Liam about the pack.

Jerry: Don’t you dare do anything to our child.

Tony: Aw why not?

Jerry: I swear if you do I will hunt you down and kill you.

Tony I doubt that if you’re dead.

With a flick of his hand Jerry dropped to the ground. Dead. Shae screamed.

Tony: I’m not done with you yet either, I hear you willingly turned into a vampire.

Shae: Yes, that is true.

Tony: Wow, was that so you could protect your little brother from the darkness or yourself.

Shae: Go to hell.

Tony: Oh I will but I’m waiting for your gorgeous baby girl to be born so I can turn her and bring her up as one of my own.

Shae: No, no you can’t do that to me.

Tony: Actually I can because when I thought hard enough about it, you are another reason why I was turned.

Shae: How?

Tony: Because if you hadn’t gone out that night you would have been changed and died when looking after me and Liam.

Shae had distracted Tony so now was the moment for Meagan and Liam to jump, so they did. Tony wasn’t expecting it so he didn’t use any of his magic to stop them. Liam’s knife had been sitting in the right position so that when he landed on Tony the knife drove straight through his heart. Matthew reappeared

Liam: And that is for Jerry.

Shae: Thank you, but I’m sorry for not telling you about me being pregnant.

Liam: No its ok I’m just glad that it’s all over. Well not for your baby it isn’t. It’s only the start.

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