Rise Of The Dead

Meagan and her sister Lola think that they are ordinary teenagers, but when there is a death that was supposed to be done by 'vampires' they are whisked away to the cemetery. This where they are informed that they are not in fact just humans and from then on they have to find their way through the world of the undead.


9. Goodbye


Noah: Today we are here to say goodbye to a beloved husband and friend. Jerry Tompkins, he was a strong and caring man. He was to be the father of Grace Tompkins. Let us say goodbye by placing your favourite dagger over your grave.

Shae walked up with Liam by her side and she placed Jerry’s dagger on his grave. Everyone bowed their heads and stood in silence.

Noah: Goodbye, Jerry.

All: Goodbye, Jerry.

Shae: I love you Jerry and I will miss you.

The group moved out and Jacob took charge making them keep busy; collecting fire wood, making beds and cleaning the weapons. Shae eventually made her way back to reality.

Shae: Everyone come together. I wish that we stop going the way that we were heading and go back to the coven and collect our dead.

Jacob: Do you really think that is smart Shae? I mean the blood hounds could still be there, than what?

Shae: Than we fight back and we die fighting.

Jacob: What like Jerry, he died fighting didn’t he? He died fighting for something he believed in.

Shae: I know what we have to do Jacob. And retreating isn’t it.

Jacob: OK let’s have a vote than, all in favour of moving on raise your hand.

Rose, Alex, Luke, Kevin, Anastasia, Nick, Jamie and Sam all raise their hands.

Shae: Rose, what about your mother, don’t you want to take revenge on those who killed her?

Rose: Yes, in time though. My mother would agree with Jacob and so do I.

Rose goes up and places her hands around Jacobs’ neck and kisses him.

Alex: Alright I understand what you mean, Shae but we don’t want to die when there are plenty other days to kill the blood hounds.

Shae: But you do understand that if we slipt up we may never see each other again.

Sam: I don’t really care, as long as I have the one I love.

Sam and Jamie rub their noses together.

Noah: You do realise the Shae is right. Sam mom would have wanted us to stick together.

Sam: Well, why don’t you come with Jacob?

Noah: Because I know which side I want to be on.

Noah shyly looks at April who blushes.

Sam: You can’t seriously be ditching me; your sister for that bitch.

April: Excuse my language but I’m not the bitch you are, or aren’t you a Werewolf.


Noah: Sam don’t you dare raise your voice at the girl I love.

April: You love me.

Noah: I always have and always will.

April: I need to confess I have loved you since we met.

Sam: I’m sorry to interrupt your little love fess, but we need to go.

Shae: Fine, I’m not going to try and stop you anymore. Though I need to warn you about the dangerous creatures lurking in the shadows

Jacob: Thank you but we don’t need your help.

Shae: Fine, but don’t say I didn’t try and help you.

They all say goodbye and go their separate ways, Jacobs’ group and Shae’s group.

 Shae: Noah I am so very sorry that your sister didn’t chose to stay with us.

Noah: It’s not your fault it’s just that she likes to take over and be in charge all of the time and she has never liked you because you and Jerry always take charge.

Shae: Well it is my fault than, myself and Jerry should have made leading lessons. And let you all take charge once in a while.

Noah: No you did well just the way you were.

Shae: Well I don’t think I did.

Liam: Well we all think you did even if you don’t.

Shae: Fine I give in, but it’s almost night fall and we better start setting up camp.

Meagan: There is no need to set anything up, the other group left all of the food and the firewood behind.

Shae: That’s the best news I have heard all day.

They collected everything in a pile and sat down and ate the food at they could find. Shae kept looking around and alerted at every noise that she could hear.

Lola: Shae are you ok?

Shae: I guess that Tony’s arrival kind of shook me up. But I makes me wonder what other people have we thought dead are still alive.

Lola: Such as my mom.

Meagan: Mom?

Lola: Well we saw her get dragged away but we have no idea of what happened after they could have tortured her to get answers.

Meagan: Shae, why did the vampires and the blood hounds choose now to attack?

 Shae: I guess that they just took their time to make sure that they had all their strength, before they attacked.

Liam: But they wouldn’t have joined willingly.

Shae: That’s true so that means that they have been forced by someone to join.

Meagan: But who would do that?

Shae: Someone who has wanted to join back into the coven.

Liam: You can’t be serious, but that was years ago.

Shae: But that doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t want revenge on us still.

Megan: Who is it?

Liam turned and looked Meagan in the eyes and said.

Liam: My Great Uncle.

Meagan: Your great uncle.

Shae: Yeah, he was banned after leaving Lady Penelope for dead.

Lola: Why would he do that?

Liam: Because he was a coward.

Meagan: That can’t be it, there has to be another explanation.

Liam: Well when you find it, come and get me. But until then I’m sticking to my opinions.

Liam gets up and walks away. Noah and April slowly made their way into the group from the darkness.

April: What was that about?

Shae: We think we know who led the attack on the coven.

Noah: Who?

Shae: My uncle because he was banished a while ago and he hasn’t been a loud back since.

April: Oh my father told me about him.

Matthew: A guys I may not have the most honest here but I would like to get one thing off my chest.

Meagan: And what is that?

Lola: Meagan…

Matthew: It’s ok Lola but it does involve you too.

Lola: OK what is it then?

Matthew: Before I came back I had a meeting with the Demon High Council and they said that for me to give up my Demon appearance I have to fall in love.

Lola: Ok and what happened?

Matthew: Well they said that because I am under the age of 18 I can’t lose my Demon appearance if I fall in love, but I can lose it if I die in my Demon form.

Lola: But I don’t want you to die.

Shae: If he does die it will only be temporary because it’s not his human form.

Lola: Oh but still I don’t want to see anybody die permanent or not.

Matthew leans over, hugs Lola and gives her a small peck on the check. Liam returns pale as a sheet of paper. Meagan and Shae both shoot to their feet and move over to Liam.

Shae: Liam, what’s the matter?

Liam: I saw…they can’t be…Rose, Jacob…Sam, Jamie…all dead.

Meagan: Wait did he just say?

Shae: Yes.

Noah: He couldn’t have, they can’t be. Sam?

Noah stands up and almost collapsed back down, April stands and comforts him.

Shae: Where did you see them?

Liam: Not that far in, it’s about 3 minute walk if you’re walking slowly but it’s about 50 metres into the forest that way.

Liam turns round and points directly behind him. Shae starts to follow the way that Liam pointed everybody follows her.

Shae: Liam I can’t see anything.

Liam: Just wait you will know we are there when you smell it.

Just as Liam finishes an awful smell hits their noses. They begin to gag.

Shae: Is this the place?

Liam: I told you, you would know the place. It’s just up ahead.

Noah: They can’t be gone I knew it was a bad idea splitting up.

Shae: Noah, there was no way you could have stopped your sister…

Noah: I might not have been able to stop her but I could have gone with them.

Matthew: Yeah and then you would be as dead as them.

Noah: Yeah well now I have no family to go back too.

Shae: Come on your mother might not be dead.

Noah: And how do you know, are you physic now Shae?

Liam: Don’t talk to her like that Noah after all that she has done for you.

Noah: She hasn’t done enough, if my sister is dead.

Liam started to walk back to Noah with a raised fist but Meagan got in between them.

Meagan: Liam stop! You don’t know what you’re doing ok we have all had a stressful day let him some slack.

Shae: Meagan, Liam be quiet and get down.

Shae crawls down to Liam and Meagan and pull them down.

Liam: Shae what was that for?

Shae: Because you didn’t check the area before you went in did you?

Liam: Well I didn’t go in too far I knocked my head on Alex and I looked up and saw the rest and ran back to you guys.

Shae: Ok well that explains why we walked in on a feasting party of the Black Eyed Beings.

Meagan: Who are the Black Eyed Beings?

Shae: Black Eyed Beings are demons who steal the form of a human and try to steal the souls of other beings. Though I have never seen one but their sickly looking skin and very dark hair give them away.

Lola: I have heard of them but never suspected that they actually lived.

Shae: I would have thought you have heard of them but never thought that you hadn’t seen them because they live in the sewers of the city.

Lola: Than why are they here?

Shae: Well that’s what we are going to ask them.

Meagan: What!?

Shae: Well they can’t run or climb trees so why not.

Noah: You know what I think I know why they are here.

Shae: Why?

Nick: To kill us to make sure that there are no survivors of the attack.

Liam: Well that does make sense, but how do you know that?

Noah: I am very surprised that none of you suspected me I guess I played the part very well.

April: Noah what are you talking about?

Noah: I am so sorry April; I did truly love you though. You stupid creatures they are over here.

 The Black Eyed Beings looked up and started to walk over and to follow Shae and the others.

Liam: Meagan, Lola, April run now and do not look back. We will catch up.

Shae: We will handle them and with your necklaces you will be able to help us find you.

The Black Eyed Beings getting closer.

Liam: RUN NOW!

The girls all ran leaving the people they care about behind.

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