Diana [One Direction/Harry]

Diana Roberts, the girl who's life was a mess.

Harry Styles, the boy in her favorite band.

She tweeted, he saw.

She inspired him to write a song.

The song became a hit, and now he's off to find her.

But what if...

He's too late.


10. Chapter Nine


Harry's POV~


It was our ten months anniversary and I was super stoked about everything.

I had booked Mariah and I a romantic dinner date for two at L.A's finest Italian restaurant. After dinner, I was going to take her out on a walk in the park, and then we'd spend the night at the beach house I rented, you know... Nothing bad, just spend the night cuddling and eating popcorn while watching reruns of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, just like our first date.

I loved Mariah more than anything. She was my definition of perfection. 


I smiled at all of the memories we've shared through out these ten months as I drove to her house.

After a few minutes of singing stupid love songs as I drove, I finally got to her home.

As soon as I was in the drive way, she hopped inside and we were off.


'You excited, babe?' I smile widely as I hold her hand with my right hand, still driving with my left.

'Mhmm.' She smiles.

'Something wrong?' I ask.

'Nope- Nothing. What makes you think that there's something wrong?' She asks quickly.

'Umm... It's just that you seem... Defensive.' I bite my lip as I look out onto the road.

'I'm not defensive.' She stated strongly.


Something seemed wrong, she's usually calm and laid back. Her smile wasn't genuine. I know everything about her, I love her and I'm concerned. I know something's up.


'Alright...' I nod.




'How was it?' I ask as I wipe my mouth with the cloth.'

Mariah stared down at her plate and kept her mouth shut.

'You didn't like the food, did you?' I frown at my choice of Italian, I didn't know she wasn't a fan... She's usually up for pizza.

'Huh?' She snaps out of her thoughts.

'You didn't like the food?'

'No, no, no! I loved it! It was delicious...' She smiled before taking a sip from her glass.

I sighed as she looked down once again, 'Seriously Mariah, what's going on? You didn't even talk to me this entire time- Let alone make eye contact!' 

She frowned and kept her eyes locked at the table.

'Mariah... Please, If something's wrong-'

'Nothing's wrong!' She looked up at me with teary eyes.

I sighed and held her hand, 'Mariah... Please, I know something's up... Tell me.'


It took a moment before she finally spoke.


'I cheated on you... I-I-I slept with Blake last week... I'm so sorry! I d-d-didn't mean to, I swear. It just ha-happened. I-' 

I felt my heart drop and my eyes began to spill out tears, 'You what?' I whispered, heartbroken.

'I'm so sor-'

'Save it Mariah. It-It's our ann-anniversary...' I slowly stood up.

'I'm sorry-'

'Don't y-you f-fucking talk to m-me you fil-thy b-bi-tch.' I stuttered as I barged out of the restaurant.


Have fun paying the bill.




I didn't know where to go, I wasn't sure if I should just head home because Mariah might chase after me... So I guess staying at the beach house would do, it cost a shit ton of money and even though I'm wealthy, it'd be a waste.

Once I got to the beach house, it was already storming.


It kind of sucked that I had to spend the night alone.


I sniffled and wiped my tears away, this always happens. 


I told you, I always get hurt. What sucks and hurts the most is that I actually thought she was the one... Not like the feeling I had towards Felicity or Taylor... It was different. 

She was perfect. She was everything I could ever asked for... But I knew she was too good to be true. 


I stumbled into the living room, plopped onto the couch and cried.


She was my everything.


I flicked on the tv and on came 'Diana'.


I remember that day, that was the day Mariah and I went on our first date. I'd had such a tiring day on set so instead of going out to watch a movie, we stayed home at her place and watched reruns of F.R.I.E.N.D.S while pigging out on some popcorn and soft drinks.


I began to cry harder.


Oh c'mon Harry, there's tons of other girls out there who love you. Don't cry over Mariah... 


I continued to cry through out the song.


There's people who have been through worst situations Harry... Some people are homeless, some commit suicide, some get bullied every day, some are starving, some are in jail, some get abused-



'Diana! Let me be the one to... Light a fire inside those eyes...'


I quickly looked up at the screen, remembering why I had written that song.

Hmm... I wonder how she's doing. I wonder how Diana's feeling?


Images and pictures of her appeared into my mind.

I should see how she's been...


I pulled out my phone and opened up the twitter app.


Hmm... Her twitter name, her twitter name...


I sat there like a lump, thinking really hard on what her twitter username had been...






Nope, not that but close...


I remember seeing xo and Diana in her username.

I decided to search up all of the names, until I finally found it;



I scrolled around at her twitter page, noticing that her tweets were very positive;

'Don't let anybody get you down!'

'Positivity is key.'

'I love everything <3'



Well at least someone was happy...

Then I saw that she'd just tweeted something;

'Graduation dinner with the fam was amazing!'


I smiled and decided to DM her since I didn't feel like calling the guys and embarrassing myself, I'd been ranting on about how Mariah 'Was the one' for the past ten months;


'Hey, Love!

Con-grad-ulations on graduating! ;)





Diana's POV~


I was so stuffed! Graduation dinner was the awesome!


I still couldn't believe it, I'd just graduated from highschool and I'm happy to say that I'll be heading off to University soon. After everything that I've been through with Tyler, it felt like such an accomplishment to finally get back to myself.

After the weekend in London a couple months ago, Tyler was finally put into jail and I moved back in with my family, but then as a graduation present they'd bought me a house near the beach. Of course I still kept in touch with Chelsea, she does live a few blocks from my place... And as you can tell, I'd gotten back into school too, graduating as Valedictorian and with the highest marks in the entire senior class.

My bruises and cuts were no where to be seen, my fear of violence still lived inside of me, but I learned how to overcome it. A few scars were left on my arms from all of the suicide attempts when I was with Tyler, but like I said, I knew how to deal with it all.


'Bye dad! Bye mom, bye sis!' I waved at my family as they got into their car, me getting into mine.

'Bye hun!' Mom blew me a kiss before dad drove away.

I smiled before driving the opposite direction and to my house.


The drive wasn't long, probably about ten minutes. The walk would've been around twenty minutes, but since the storm outside was horrible, I decided I'd take the car.

Once I entered my home and gotten changed and cleaned up, I decided to tweet.

In a matter of seconds I heard my phone beep, signalling that I had a notification.


I checked my DM's and saw that Harry Styles had sent me a message...

Wait- What?

I read the message and smiled, I wonder if he still remembered me.


'Hey Harry,

Thanks! I don't know if you remember me or not, but thanks so much for writing 'Diana'!



'No problem, and yeah of course I remember you! You actually just came into mind.'


'Oh really? ;o'


'Yeah, So what's up? :-)'


What the heck? I was chatting with Harry Styles?


'Umm nothing much really... How about you?'


'Just really tired...' 


'I see.'


He didn't reply back for a few minutes but then he ended up replying,


'Are you doing anything right now?'




'I'm bored.'


'You barely know me?'


'Yeah, so?'




'Just answer the question?'


I looked at the phone and rubbed my eyes, making sure that I wasn't hallucinating all of this.


'No, I'm not doing anything right now.'


'Great, do you mind coming over? I know... It's not everyday Harry Styles asks if you can come over. 'What if he's been hacked and it's a 40 year old man?!''


I laughed at his message, that's totally Harry.


'Nah, I believe you.'


'Really? O_o'


'Mhm... Or this might be Niall...'


'What makes you think it's Niall?'


'Niall's crazy.'


'I see your point... Listen, I'm really sorry if I sound desperate, I just need someone to talk to...'


'But doesn't this count as talking?'




I was debating whether or whether not I should go... What if it IS a 40 year old pedophile who hacked into Harry's twitter? What if it's a prank? What if the address is fake? 

Oh c'mon Diana, have some fun... University's coming up soon, and what if it is Harry? You'd be an idiot to pass out this opportunity.


'What's your address?'


'15 Brooke Lane R8W3G0 Los Angeles California.'


'Lol, I live two streets from you... But sure, why not... And if you are a 40 year old pedophile, just remember that rape and murder is a sin.'





I stood in front of Harry's house, or mansion... It was pretty big.

The waves on the shore were heard, as they crashed into each other and the rain and wind just made it all worst.


Why hadn't I brought an umbrella?


Even though I've been standing here for about 2 minutes, I was still debating whether or whether not I should just turn around and drive back home.

But with each second passing, I grew colder and drenched in rain.


You know what, fuck this... This isn't worth my time. I could get murdered or better yet, raped!


I waddled back to my car and plugged the keys into the ignition.

The engine roared to life, but then died just as quick as it came.


Wait... What the hell? My car broke down?

Are you kidding me!?


I kept restarting the engine over and over again, but no luck.


'I'm not a forty year old pedophile... Come in!'


I looked up to see Harry standing inside his house, holding the door open.

I smile and quickly scurry inside.


'Whoa... You're... Drenched.' He chuckled.

'Y-Yeah' I stuttered, hugging myself.

'I'll go get you some dry clothes.' He smiles before heading upstairs.




'So...' I say as we sat  on the couch and drank tea together.

'So?' He chuckles.

'Why am I here?' I ask with a smile.

'Oh..' He lookes down.

'Everything alright?' I ask, setting my tea down on the table, Harry doing the same.

'Relationship issues.' Was all he said before flicking on the tv.

'Oh.' I say as we both turn our attention to Spongebob.


He tugs the blanket off of me and wraps it around himself, I look at him and chuckle.

'What?' He asks.

'You like, yanked the blanket off of me you hogger.' I smile.


'Oh... Well, I'm sorry, this night was suppose to be for me and-' He stops, 'Usually I bring only one blanket, but I guess we can share.'


He gestures for me to move closer, at first I was hesitant, but he sent me a reassuring smile, 'Don't worry... I don't bite.'

I roll my eyes at his cheesy smile and crawl underneath his arm.

He smiles and wraps his arm around my shoulder, covering the both of us with the thick blanket.


'Thanks for being here with me.' He whispers into my ear.

'Anytime.' I smile.


And with that we turn our attention back to Spongebob.

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