Diana [One Direction/Harry]

Diana Roberts, the girl who's life was a mess.

Harry Styles, the boy in her favorite band.

She tweeted, he saw.

She inspired him to write a song.

The song became a hit, and now he's off to find her.

But what if...

He's too late.


9. Chapter Eight


Harry's POV~


Last night had been amazing. 

London has and always will be one of my favorite crowds to play for.

Everyone was super energetic and I had an awesome time.

I don't know why but something was bugging me...

That something was her...




She was in the front row.

She looked like she was enjoying everything but I couldn't help but feel guilty for making her feel uncomfortable at the meet and greet.

I saw something that she didn't want me to see.

It was pretty horrifying, must I say, her arm was covered with cuts and bruises... Enormous bruises.


I wonder where she got them from...


I felt really bad, so I decided to roll out of bed and make a cup of coffee.

Looking over at my room mate, Niall who was fast asleep, I chuckled. 

He always slept in weird positions.


Once my coffee was finished brewing, I shuffled back into bed and flicked on the tv.

And as if on cue, 'Diana' came on the news.


'Diana Roberts, the girl who inspired One Direction finally got to meet them!' The reporter smiled as our picture all together popped up.

She really did look flawless.

I quickly flicked off the tv and gulped down my coffee.


She was still on my mind...


Maybe I should give her a visit?

Tell her that everything's alright... I mean, she looked really emarrassed and insecure about herself. If there's one thing you should know about me... It's that I hate when our beautiful fans think they're not pretty. It really does make me sad to think that they'd starve themselves, self harm, exc.


I trotted out of the room and down the hallway, knocking loudly on Paul's door.

'Paul!' I called out.




'Paul!' I call out once again.




I began to bang my fist harder and much more louder than before, and as expected, a very tired looking Paul appeared infront of me.


'Yes?' He grumbles, rubbing at his eyes.

'Ermm... Sorry Paul, but I have a question-'

'Was it really that important? Are you aware that it's 5AM?' He crosses his arms.

'Uh, Well kind of-'

'Alright, what is it?'

'You remember Diana right?' I ask eagerly.

'Course I remember her, what about her?' He rolls his eyes.

'Well, I was wondering if you had the address to her hotel? I mean... You do have it right? After all, we did pay for her flight, tickets, exc...' 


Paul eyes me suspiciously, he was about to say something but stopped. I guess it was because he was just so exhausted to even bother.


'She's staying at the Holiday Inn, down the block... Is that the only thing you wanna talk about? Can I go back to bed now?' He murmurs.

I let out a small chuckle and nod, 'Thanks Paul, and yeah, that's it.'


And with that, he shut the door and I trotted back to my room, quickly changing and then heading out of the hotel.


It was pretty chilly today, usually the streets of London were warm in the morning. I guess it's because Summer is finally coming to an end. 

To be honest, I can't wait until the leaves finally turn into shades of reds, oranges, and yellows. I can't wait until all the trees are bare and the air becomes crisp. I can't wait until autumn arrives.

Ahh, yes, Autumn.

My favorite season.


The sound of laughter pulls me out of my thinking.

I look across the street and see a young couple, around my age, walking hand in hand together.


It was kind of sad... It was kind of sad that I didn't have someone by my side. I know that they say that there's someone out there for you, but I've always managed to get hurt. I always fall too hard for a girl and then BAM, she smashes my heart.

I always infer that she's out there.

Everytime I meet a girl, it's all like, 'Oh my goodness... She's the one.'

I take her out on a date. I fall inlove. She hurts me. I heal. Then repeat.


I kept my head down the entire walk there, just thinking about all the positives and negatives in my life.

After several minutes of walking, I finally get to the hotel.


'Welcome to Holiday Inn! How may I help you?' The receptionist asks.

'Hi, umm... I'm here to visit-'

'Oh my gosh... You're Harry Styles!' She looks up from her computer screen and smiles widely.

'Uh- Yeah... Anyways I'm looking for a girl named-'

'Diana Roberts?' She asks.

'How did you-'

She quickly holds up a magazine with 'Diana Roberts, Girl Who Inspired One Direction Finally Meets Her Idols!'

'Oh.' I chuckle.

'Yeah... Well I'm sorry to break it to you, but her and her friend just checked out... Like literally, they left a couple minutes ago.'

'Thanks...' I send her a friendly smile before I exit the building.


Well that's just great... I didn't even get to appologize for making her feel uncomfortable.

I quickly pulled out my phone and decided to DM her on twitter, 


Hey, Love!

I just came from your hotel, was going to appologize for making things awkward at the meet and greet... Whatever happened, I hope you're okay now.



After typing out the text I hit send and decided that I'd just scroll through twitter and reply to some fans.




'Owww...' I grumbled as I fell to the ground.

'Oh my goodness! I am so sorry!' The lady said as she gathered up her belongings from the ground.

'Nahh... It's alright.' I say, helping her retrieve some items.

Once everything is picked up from the floor, we both stand up, and then I saw her face.


Pale skin, lovely cheek bones, petite frame, super model tall, sleek blonde hair.

She was beautiful.


'You're Harry Styles!' She exclaims happily.

'Hello, Love!' I smile at her.

'Do you mind if I get a picture with you?' She asks as she pulls out her phone.

'Not at all!' I say happily.


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