My Boss Is My Love

Harry Styles, former boy band member but now owner of one of the biggest music record company. I was just a new face in an unfamiliar city, a big city at that, trying to make a life when he came in. I craved him like a drug, I needed him as if he was life even though he could weaken me in a second. I was naive, flawed and worst of all damaged, and he opened those cracks I had hidden away... Harry also had demons of his own. We became mirrors of each other, reflecting each other's scars and desires.


1. A new city

Faith's P.O.V

I grabbed a few plates and pilled them into the kitchen cabinet of my new apartment. Me and my best friend Mae had moved in together in London from Manchester. It had been a big move which my parents weren't so sure about. I only moved here so I could be closer to hopefully my new work place, Styles Records a massive recording company. Mae moved with me because she was going to be doing some modeling job.

"Why don't we go to a club?" She asked.

"The day before my job interview, no thanks." I stated. I wasn't so shocked with her question; she'd find a reason to go out and party for the smallest of things.

"Not like how we did when we where 18, like a one or two glasses of wine and a dance." She explained.

"You know what? Lets go tomorrow after my interview to celebrate." I offered.

"Sure. What'd you wanna eat?" Mae asked.

"Uhh." I stuttered remembering the multiple times me and Mae had cooked and world war 3 nearly started . Mae isn't the best of cooks.

"Oh come on! I'm not that bad!" She gasped.

"Fine, cook whatever you want. Just don't burn the apartment down!" I said walking into the living room.


-Next day-


I woke up and took a long shower thinking about what was going to happen today. I got out and put on my outfit.

I put my hair in a tight doughnut bun, grabbed my bag and left. As soon as I walked out onto the London street I could tell it was going to get me a long time to get used to it. Luckily my apartment was down the road from Styles Records so I'd walk there. 

After what seemed like an hour because I was constantly being pushed around, was only 5 minutes I made it. I took in the lavish business Secretary office, black polished marble floor, Leather sofas, glass coffee tables and pictures of the starts that had been signed here. I walked up to the front desk.

"Hello, I'm here for my interview with Mr.Styles." I told the front lady.

"Oh um are you Miss.Williams?" She asked me and I nodded, "Ok you'll find him on floor 7 room 28." She instructed.

"Thank you." I smiled before walking off. I walked onto an elevator and pressed the 7 button. When it arrived I walked straight to to the door with a '3' on it and knocked.

"Come in."  A deep husky voice called out. Butterflies erupted through my stomach, how ironic is it that I used to fantasize about the very person 10 years ago (when I was 13) who I'm going to be having a job interview with. It's hard to think that 2 years ago he was in the biggest boy band with 6 platinum albums and 1 gold.

I walked in and gave Harry a smile. He still looked as hot as ever. His green eye pierced my brown one's, his curly chocolate locks pushed up into a quiff.

"Take a seat." He smiled as I sat down in the leather chair, "Hello, Miss.Williams"

"Hello Mr.Styles."

"So have you ever had any experience in accountancy?" He asked.

"Yes, when I was in collage." I said. We kept on talking about my work experiences.

"Well, this all sounds great. Would you be up to starting today?" He questioned.

"Yes." I smiled...



How was  the first chapter? hope you liked it!

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