15 Wishes (Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson)

New school, new life. When Astor Hammond's parents divorced, Astor was forced to move to a new town with her mom and her stepfather. Astor had to go a new high school. Being a new girl wasn't easy. Astor has no friends there and was always bullied. Her crush, Louis Tomlinson, is the football team captain. But he didn't even know her name.
One day, when Astor was wandering around the school balcony, alone, something peculiar happened. She found a dirty lantern. Inside was a trapped genie, Leann! Everytime if somebody found Leann, she will grant him or her 15 wishes.
Astor was so lucky to find the lattern. But when Leann's sister, Hella came into Astor's life, she was changed into another person. Will her best friend, Harry Styles, be able to save her?


1. The Unpopular One

Astor's POV 

    I walked into the classroom. People pointed and laughed at me. I sat down. They threw papers and used tissue at me. I stared and glared at them. They sent me death threats. Oh. How lovely is my new school.

    I hate my parents. If they didn't divorce, I won't be here. If I'm not here, I won't be bullied. If I'm not bullied, I won't cut myself. It's all my parents's fault.

    I am a good student. I hand in all my homework and asignments on time, I'm very polite to the teachers, but you can't call me a teacher's pet. I'm just trying to fit in.

    I sat down and listen to my Science teacher, Mrs. Robinson. Today we are going to do an experiment, mixing the beer and coke together with some chemicals, and see what will happen. My lab partner is Valerie Owens, the most popular girl in our school.

    "So, Ally, just sit your ass down and we will start the experiment," said Valerie in a sassy way.

    "It's Astor," I corrected her.

    "Whatever," she rolled her eyes.

    I sighed and sat down. Shit. I thought.

    I was pouring the beer into the beaker when Valerie 'accidentally' spilt the coke on my clothes. I was all wet and sticky and I smelt like coke.

    "What the fuck?" I shouted at her.

    The whole class looked at me.

    "You know you are in big trouble honey? Detention after school," said Mrs. Robinson.

    Oh great.

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