Behind the mask; Harry Styles fanfiction

I'm nothing more, nothing less, then Diana Kneeson. Daughter to William and Sierra Kneeson; the most rich people in England. No, this isn't on the 80's, we're living 2014, as you. But my house is a castle and we've got maids and everything. My life isn't fun, as you expect it; with all those money. It's quite boring. Until I meet a boy at a masquarade, but who's behind the mask?


1. Diffrent; Chapter One

Diana's POV

I'm diffrent from everyone. All my classmates, all my teachers; everyone. One thing is on the bright side, the boys are hanging after me all the time. Or, at least my best friend Ambery thinks it's good. I mean, they just like me becasue I've got money.

"Diana, sweetheart. Your mother wants you to come down." My maid, and friend Elisabeth told me. Elisabeth is two years older then me, she's like a bigsister to me. I walked down the stairs holding my dress up. My hair was tied in a braid-bun and I've got highheels on. I had to wear it at home, alone or not.

"Hi sweetie." My mom said when I sat down next to my lil'brother Alex.

"So, the winter is coming, and it's time for our masquarade." Dad said.

"Father, when is it?" I asked. We always had to say 'father' or 'mother'. We couldn't say mom or dad like normal kids would.

"On friday, Diana. A week." Father said. I nodded and ate my food.

I woke up next morning having the sun flimmer in my windows.

"Please, Elisabeth. Turn off the light." I mumbled. I heard someone laugh. I quickly opened my eyes and saw Ambery stand there.

"Hello there." She said.

"Hello there on you too." I said.

"So, I heard it's a masquarade next week." Ambrey said. I nodded.

"I'm invited." Ambrey added. I smiled.

"Yay! Then I wont be alone with all those sassy celebrites." I said.

"What? Celebrites?! When? Is Orlando Bloom hoing to be there?" She asked. I just laughed, Ambrey had an obsession over Orlando Bloom.

"Yeah, he's coming. You know; he's my godfather's son?" I said.

"WHAT? Orlando Bloom is your godbrother?" She yelled.

"Be a little more quite, please." Elisabeth added looking into the room.

"Uh-um; sorry, Liz'." I said.

*Next friday*

Today was the masquarade day. Ambrey was at our house to fix herself and me.

I brushed my brown wavy hair.

"You look really good!" Ambrey said.

"Thank you." I said looking down at my kinda yellow ish goldy dress.

"Let's do this." Ambrey said and we pulled down our maskes walking into the partyroom.

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