You say your a good girl

Courtney's very insecure she has depression and anxiety and she cuts because of a rough past then when she meets harry the bad boy things might change she hates him but maybe she will find herself falling for him


2. chapter 2

Courtney's p.o.v

I walked Into my first class I was 15 minutes late, all eyes where on me "ms.foreman why are you late?" Mrs.evan's asked," I over slept " I replied as the class laughed at me "very well then take a seat" she commanded me. I looked around the room the only desk was right beside this punk looking guy I have to admit he was kinda hot- WAIT WHAT AM I SAYING! I can't like him he looks dangerous plus I made it clear I would never trust another guy again after what James did. I hurried over to my seat and sat down which the guy was sitting beside me. I was writing notes when suddenly a piece of paper hot me in the head I turned and picked it up the boy next to me had a cheeky grin. I picked the paper up and un crumbled it it. Said -

Hello beautiful my names harry how about we leave this place and have some fun -xxxx harry

I looked at him and rolled my eyes in disgust, I turned back around then he taped my shoulder like literally 500 times he was so Annoying. I finally turned and spat at him "what the hell do you want I said raising my voice?!" The hole class stared at us then harry bust out laughing and said "oh princess I don't think you wanna do that.." Then I replied with "listen mr. Bad boy news flash I'm not scared of you" the whole class laughed then harry looked so embarrassed , then our teacher said "you both have detention now shut up!!" She spat. I pouted , and harry laughed.

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