You say your a good girl

Courtney's very insecure she has depression and anxiety and she cuts because of a rough past then when she meets harry the bad boy things might change she hates him but maybe she will find herself falling for him


1. chapter 1

Courtney's p.o.v

Hi my names Courtney foreman. I have brown hair green eyes and I'm 18, I'm like really tall. Iv been through a lot. People shouldn't judge a book bye it's cover because that's just rude and so wrong, I can't stand people like that. Well anyways today is my first day of senior year. I got up and dragged my self to the bathroom looking at myself closely in the mirror, looking at all my scars that are fading. A tear rolled down my cheek as I though about my past. I quickly whipped it away and turned the shower on stepping in as the hot water droplets rolled down my back. I quickly shampooed and conditioned my hair. Then I scrubbed my body with my mango body wash. Once I was done I turned the water off stepping out into the cold air. I wrapped a towel around my body and hair, then walked out of the bathroom to get changed. I threw on a pair of black acid dyed jean shots a white tank top with an infinity sign and a pair of black vans. I quickly dried my hair and brushed my teeth along with curling it. I then grabbed my bag noticing I had 5 minutes to get to school. I ran down the stairs almost falling, I ran to the kitchen and grabbed an apple. I then got our to my black range rover and started the drive to school.

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