You Belong With Me

Angel Swift is a 19 year old girl, she has a sister called Taylor Swift who she hates very much, infact they both hate each other, Angel's sister is dating Harry Styles from One Direction, she thinks that they're a terrible couple, the only time she sees him is on a magazine with Taylor holding hands, with headlines saying 'couple alert or cutest couple, which she thinks they arent the cutest couple at all.


2. Chapter Two

While I was watching TV, I heard a knock on the door, Taylor was just about to get when I told her that I’ll get in, I got up and went to the door hoping it was Chloe, I opened it to reveal Harry standing there smirking his stupid smile,

“Oh it’s only you” I said rolling my eyes and letting him in.

“Well, hi to you too” he sarcastically.

“Harry” Taylor squealed running over and jumping on him.

“Where are the other guys?” I asked Harry.

“They’re coming right now” he said hugging Taylor.

I turned to the door and all the other guys came in.

“Well this is awkward” Louis said and the other boys agreed.

“I know right” I said and the guys laughed. Taylor was still in Harry’s arms, it looks like he’s about to fall.

“Watch out Harry, the whale with crush you” I said smirking and Taylor glared at me.

The guys cracked up laughing and Louis high fived me, Harry put Taylor on the ground and he started laughing, she punched him in the chest, Harry smiled and kissed her on the cheek, I just rolled my eyes, I think Harry saw that because he smirked and winked, am I jealous? Do I like him? No I couldn’t, he’s with Taylor and he wouldn’t like me, what am I talking about? He’s annoying and that stupid smirk of his, but I think his sm- no Angel stop, he’s just a flirt and you can’t like him, he’s dating my sister.

“I’M HUNGRY” Niall shouted whining, the guys rolled their eyes and I just laughed.

“When aren’t you hungry?” Louis and Zayn said, they looked at each other and laughed, me and the other guys joined in, I looked at Harry and Taylor and they were kissing, eww please get a room.

“Eww guys get a room” Louis said with a disgusted face.

“I agree with Louis” I said and the guys nodded their heads, me and Louis high fived laughing.

“Hey what about me, I’m hungry” Niall whined, I laughed.

“There are chips in the cupboard” I said pointing to the kitchen, his eyes lit up and he ran full speed to the kitchen, oh Niall you're funny.

We all sat on the couch talking about nothing, I sat next to Louis and on my other side was Niall, Liam and Zayn sat on the opposite side of us, Harry and Taylor sat on the love seat.

While we were talking, there was a knock at the door, finally Chloes here, I got and went to the door and opened it seeing Chloe and let her in.

"Hey Chloe" I said smiling.

"Hey Angel" she said smiling.

We walked into the lounge room and Chloes face turned into shock, I just laughed at her and so did the boys. All the boys got up and walked over to her and gave her a hug. When everyone hugged her, we sat on the couch,

"What are we gonna do" Liam asked looking at all of us.

"THE PARK" me and Louis shouted at the same time, we just looked at each other and started and laughing, the we high fived each other.

"You two should've been twins" Zayn and said shaking his head laughing

"I know right" me and Louis said again, we slowly looked at each other and laughed, the others also laughing.

"Well, that was really weird" I said laughing then everyone joined in.

"So, lets go to the park then" Liam said standing up. We all stood up and walked out of the door, I felt someone smack my bum, I turned around and saw Harry smirking, I glared at him and walked faster next to Louis, I heard him chuckling, stupid head, why did he do that? Taylor was right next to him, but she didnt see, thank god. We were all talking, me and Louis joking around, Liam, Niall, Chloe and Zayn laughing together, Harry and Taylor in their own little love world. Me and Louis were doing a hand shake and he was laughing at me because I kept failing.

"Shut up Louis" I pouted punching his shoulder.

"Awww, you're a cutie" cooed pinching my cheeks, everyone looked at us and laughed, I growled at Louis and he moved his hand away quickly with a scared look on his face, everyone cracked up laughing, even Taylor. Well thats a first.

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