The Slytherin Scandal: Year Three

Lea is in her third year of school. After facing a crazy werewolf, twice, a mass murderer, and Tom Riddle in her fury two years, she should be fearless about stuff like that. However, now there's love, dances, and a tournament to keep her up. Not to mention her neighbors are crazy, Draco Malfoy's father hates her, Lea's in love with Draco, and she can't trust her new DADA teacher.

This isn't including her mom's new love interest, who Lea actually likes. Now, she's looking over her shoulder as she nearly dies, and all of this is after the drama of the end of the summer. What happens when there is a traitor suspected in the school?


15. Mudbloods and Blood

Moody had already turned Draco into a ferret when Lea got to the Great Hall the day before the first task. McGonagall had just left after the talking to of Moody. Lea walked passed Ron who was laughing.

"Serves the slimy git right," he sneered. As she passed. "Too bad he didn't do it to the Mudblood of Slytherin."

Everyone stopped, unable to believe that a Weasley just uttered those words. "RONALD BILIOUS WEASLEY!!!!!" screamed Ginny, Hermione, Harry, and the twins. Moody, who was still there, said nothing.

Draco was shocked, as was all of Slytherin. They all got over it fairly quickly and all held a scowl. Just because they teased their housemate and belittle her, but it was another for anyone else to use that name on her. Ever since the beginning of the year, after the shock of the whole werewolf thing wore off, and maybe just a smidgen of fear, the other Slytherins started to become warmer to Lea. It also helped that they realized she could control Peeves and didn't have to employ the Bloody Baron. She was becoming something of a little sister to them all. (It also might have leaked that Kingsley was living with her. It wasn't at the World Cup, not at all.)

"I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT YOU JUST SAID THAT," Ginny yelled at her brother.


"Oh, she's a slimy snake! It's not like she has feelings," Ron snorted. "Talbot probably wouldn't even care if her parents both died. She'd probably kill them herself!" Ron yelled indignantly.

Lea's breathing was getting faster and shallower, tears stinging her eyes. The prat just had to bring up her Dad, didn't he.

'I didn't kill him,' Lea kept telling herself, but she was close to panicking.

'Breathe!! Breathe!! Calm down!!' The Wolf yelled at her.

Lea did and started to get angry as Ronald and Draco were getting into a fight. "Draco, please move," Lea said with no emotion in her voice.

"Now listen here, Weasley," she began as she stood I front of him. "I couldn't care less what the h-ll you call me, I don't care if you attack me. But if you ever say anything that even hints that I would betray my family, or even my best friend because of anything as petty as jealousy, like you did, or for anything less than to save their lives, I will make you pay. Is. That. Clear?" Lea asked, poking him in the chest each time she said the last three words.

"What can you do," he asked, trying to sound brave, but Lea could smell his fear.

"You'll find out exactly what I can do without a moon or a wand. It WON'T be pleasant," she growled, her nails becoming sharp claws as she poked him at 'WON'T'. "And yes, that is a threat." Lea turned to walk away only to find her path blocked by Moody.

"Yea don't threaten students, missy. Learn some manners," he growled, but it wasn't intimidating at all, with Lea so filled with anger.

"Then learn to do you job, or do you need a rule book under your arm to know what to do when someone is called a mudblood," Lea hissed and shoved passed him.


"I disagree with Minerva. Transfiguration on a student does have some merits. It humble Mr. Malfoy, maybe it'll do the same to you," he growled out. He took out his wand and put it in front of him.

"You think that wise?" Lea asked with a raised eyebrow while her instincts were screaming at her to run, disarm him, to do something, but Lea stood there, waiting for his move.

In response, Moody flicked his wand and Lea felt the beginning of the turn, and she didn't want that to happen. Lea fought the change with all her might and even her Wolf howled at the forced transformation.

She tried to keep her concentration, but the force of the power was too much. She stopped fighting, only to realize that she was probably going to die. Her magic didn't want this to happen and was fighting, even without Lea's consent.

The only thing that seemed to change in Lea's body was her skeleton. Her bones were becoming smaller and Lea gasped as she felt her ribs tighten. Then she screamed and lost herself in pain as her ribs stabbed though her lungs ever so slowly.

Draco watched as Lea fell as and gasped in pain. Then an unearthly scream came from her mouth. Blood began to come up to her mouth and out. It trickled down the corner of her mouth as Hermione and Draco ran forward.

"Sit her up!" Hermione yelled. Draco complied as everyone stared at Lea in fright. All but Ronald and Moody.

"She's faking," Ron said in exasperation as Moody just stood there.

"Go get Dumbledore!" Hermione yelled at Harry, who took off at a run.

"I'll get Madame Pomfery," Genevieve yelled, dashing out of the Great Hall.

"Snape," Draco said, Neville rushed off to the dungeons.

"He tried human transfiguration, should we get McGonagall," a third year Ravenclaw, the same one with blonde hair that Lea kept seeing, asked.

Lea was now growing up bile and coughing up blood from her lungs. The ribs were still shrinking and getting closer and closer to her heart.

Suddenly, the doors were thrown open as both Severus and Dumbledore came rushing in, followed by Neville and Harry. The Headmaster made a slashing motion with his wand and Lea's chest was normal, only for her to stop breathing as she, Draco, and Hermione sat in a pool of blood and sick.

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