The Slytherin Scandal: Year Three

Lea is in her third year of school. After facing a crazy werewolf, twice, a mass murderer, and Tom Riddle in her fury two years, she should be fearless about stuff like that. However, now there's love, dances, and a tournament to keep her up. Not to mention her neighbors are crazy, Draco Malfoy's father hates her, Lea's in love with Draco, and she can't trust her new DADA teacher.

This isn't including her mom's new love interest, who Lea actually likes. Now, she's looking over her shoulder as she nearly dies, and all of this is after the drama of the end of the summer. What happens when there is a traitor suspected in the school?


13. Author's Note

If you read my last comment, on June 20, 2014, then skip this, except this: it will be open until June 23, 2014. Now, the comment:

Sorry for not updating! First I got grounded, then the ACTs came up and then writers block and migraines. Sorry y'all! I'll update sooner this time. Oh! Take guesses for what the catnip is for! Whoever figures it out first will get recognition in the next chapter and will gat a line of their choosing to say. Please keep it appropriate for 13 year olds. Any swear words will not be written fully and I will not publishing anything with 'retard' or such names in it. And yes, the line can be totally random. I will reply to your comments and ask for the chosen line then. Good luck. Oh, and my sister is not allowed to answers to this. She knows who she is.

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