Stained Glass Eyes And Colorful Tears (A Tony Perry Love Story)

Ashleigh Fuentes,27 is the younger sister of Pierce The Veil's Mike and Vic Fuentes.She knows everyone in the band,she goes on tour with them and she also lives with them.She's also best friends with the guitarist,Tony Perry.Vic and Mike are both very overprotective of Ashleigh and of course,bandmates dating her are definitely out of the question when it comes to relationships...But what will happen when Ashleigh and Tony's friendship turns into something more? Find out in...Stained Glass Eyes And Colorful Tears (A Tony Perry Love Story).


1. Meet,Ashleigh Fuentes.

Full Name:Ashleigh Marie Fuentes


Hair Color:Black/Brown

Eye Color:Brown

Siblings:Vic and Mike Fuentes


Hey there,I'm Ashleigh...Fuentes.I'm the younger sister of Vic and Mike Fuentes.Yup,those two dudes from Pierce The Veil.One guy who sings and plays guitar and has an amazing voice I must say,and the other guy can beat the hell out of some drums and make the best beats ever.Yeah,I'm the sister of those two musical magicians who are in a band with two other random and funny guys named Tony Perry and Jaime Preciado.They are both awesome dudes and are some funny guys to hang out with.The only problem with being the baby sister of Vic and Mike is that they're a little overprotective...Hell,who am I kidding?They are VERY overprotective.They also both have this thing about me dating bandmates...It's a definite no,no.Well,this rule shouldn't be hard to follow at all,haha.

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