Remember when

A story about a girl who has been cheated by her bestfriend and her boyfriend. They were secretly in love behind this girl's relationship. After knowing what's behind, she decided to stop being nice. Her boy bestfriend started to comfort her after what happened. She wanted revenge. Her boy bestfriend will help her for her revenge. But the catch is she has to be his slave.

(Proceed to prologue)


2. 1 - How it all started

Luke texted me just now and said that he saw Drew and Alice at the park. Good thing I was already dressed. So I was walking to the park. What are these two planning? I smiled as I assumed that they were planning me a birthday present surprise.

(Luke is my boy best friend. Drew is my boyfriend. Alice is my bestest friend. And I'm Nati. Just so you know.)

I found them lying on the grass together. I don't think this is how they plan a surprise. I sneaked in closer so I could hear their conversation.

“What if Nati found out?” Alice said. Found out about what? Their surprise?

“I don't know..” Drew answered calmly. His voice was a bit shaky. What's wrong with him? “I'll tell her eventually. I know we'll hurt her bad but we have to. It's the only way.” He added. Why would they try to hurt me? By surprising me?

Alice let out a deep sigh and looked back at Drew. “I love you.” She said. Her words pierced my heart and my eyes suddenly felt heavy.

I tried to look away but I still couldn't help it. Drew smiled back and kissed Alice. “I love you too, baby.” He replied.

Did I just hear that right? He called her baby? My boyfriend called my best friend baby? I don't understand. What's happening? This must be a bad dream. A really really bad dream. I want to wake up. Please wake me up.

I felt tears run down my cheeks. How could I feel them if this is all just a dream? I slapped myself lightly. It's not a dream. Why are they doing this to me? They lied to me?

I stood up behind the bush that I was hiding from and broke the scene. “I know what this is.” I popped out a word.

They both turned back and had a big shock. “Liars!” I shouted in pain as I wipe my tears.

“Nati.. I-I can explain!” Drew said standing up and tried to hold my hand. I took my hand away from him. I saw Alice still at shock.

“You.” I pointed Alice. “You're my best friend. Why would you do this to me?” I burst out in tears. I feel really really bad. I don't deserve this. Alice was looking down in silence. Yeah right she should feel pretty bad.

“I'm really sorry Nati..” She said stumbling in front of me. She tried to hug me but I pushed her away. I don't need fake people in my life.

“Why do you still bother? You think it would change everything?” I answered coldly. I looked at Drew who's eyes were closed tight.

“You'll pay someday, this isn't done.” I struggled and walked away.

Rain fell down as I walk down the street. Great, just what I need in a dramatic night. I felt like I was in a movie or something. I didn't bother to leave instead I just let myself get wet in the rain.

And again my mind kept on thinking about why's and how's. I just want it to rest for a while.

Few minutes later, Luke was calling me. I answered at the fourth ring.

“Yeah?” I blankly greeted.

“Where are you?”

“I don't know, somewhere in Brick lane street. Why?”

“Where exactly are you in Brick lane?”

“In front of the British bank. Are you going to pick me up?”

“Yup so stay put.” He said then hung up.

He probably knew what already happened lately. What more should I ask for? He's a really great friend. He's like my brother. He always knows what I feel even if I'm not with him.

After half an hour, a car stopped in front of me.

“Get in, Alice told me what happened. Come on.” Luke said in one breath. Oh so The Great Alice is finally showing off. Such a pathetic girl. I quickly hopped in Luke's car without saying a word.

“I'm not fine. Can you just drive me home?” I nicely asked. I knew he felt pain in my voice.

“Yeah sure. Is it okay if I stay in your house for a while? Just to make sure you're okay.” He asked.

“That'd be great. Thank you.” I smiled knowing I wasn't alone and knowing that there's still someone there for me when I needed him the most.

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