Remember when

A story about a girl who has been cheated by her bestfriend and her boyfriend. They were secretly in love behind this girl's relationship. After knowing what's behind, she decided to stop being nice. Her boy bestfriend started to comfort her after what happened. She wanted revenge. Her boy bestfriend will help her for her revenge. But the catch is she has to be his slave.

(Proceed to prologue)


1. Prologue

What if the one you love fell in love with your bestfriend?

What if your bestfriend loves your boyfriend?

Hard right? It's like being cheated by angels. More like fake angels.

From then on I decided to be bad. But what if it's still wrong?

I wanted revenge. But something is stopping me from doing it.

My boy bestfriend. He was always there for me. I fell in love with him but I can't.

I can't because it will just ruin our friendship.

He's the only friend I got now.

-Proceed to story.

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