Only getting weaker

"I can't do it anymore I'm done!!" She yelled as she walked out the door in tears. "What the hell did I just do" I said. "The worst mistake you ever made mate" Zayn said coming up behind me. The next minute sirens and a gunshot went off. "LOUIS!!!!!!"


2. Moving Day

          Lily's POV

As I zipped up my overstuffed suitcase, having to sit on it of course, I called "Ready!" To the girls.Turns out they were already done.We are moving to London today, but we won't arrive until tomorrow. I attempted to grab my carry-on and giant suitcase at the same time, but I failed. Auts, Autumn, Emma, and Jamie were all laughing at me because I tripped over my luggage and fell flat on my face. Emma's face was red and it made me laugh so hard I cried.


We walked into the airport and ran to the security counter. After we got checked out and such we went to the gate and gave the lady out tickets.As we walked onto the plane Emma started to freak out."What if we meet One Direction, What if they fall in love with us, What if they stay at our house, What if th-" She was cut off by Jamie clamping her mouth shut."Don't get your hopes up Emma, London is huge and were small they could never spot us out, even if they did they would have supermodel girlfriends."Jamie said as we took our seats."You never know."Emma replied as she buckled her seat belt as the rest of us did.A voice came on the intercom "This is your captain speaking please prepare for take off."I prepared for the worst minutes of the plane ride by holding on tightly to the arm rests."I hate this part."I whispered to Emma who was sitting beside me."I know me too."she quietly replied."Okay we have reached full height so you can take off your seat belts and fel free to roam around the cabin."the captain said after five minutes."WOO HOO." I screamed and got a lot of dirty looks since we were in first class but I didn't care that much. I've decided to play a little prank on Emma, since she put food coloring in my conditioner."Emma look there is Harry Styles up there." "HARRY STYLES WHERE, MY TRUE LOVE WHERE ARE YOU I LOVE YOU." she started screaming.It was about 1:00 am so most people were asleep but not now.I almost died laughing at her reaction.The her face went bright red  with embarrassment.Auts, Autumn and Jamie wondered why Emma looked like a tomato and I looked like a dying seal."Her face....was priceless." I finally got out before going into a fit of giggles.Then once I contained my self I explained to them what my prank was.As i was finishing up of all people Harry Styles walk up to us."I heard someone calling my name they said it was one of you girls so..." Umm uhhh umm.." Emma started to mumble."Sorry it was Lily playing a prank on Emma here." Jamie finally replied to Harry. "I didn't know you guys were on the plane." I said. "Harry come on we ha-" Louis Tomlinson starts to say but stops mid sentence "Sorry to take him away but we have to sit down now." Louis says. "Okay," Harry turns to us "Nice meeting you girls but I must leave now."He says as he walks away with Louis sitting at the front of the plane."OMG WE JUST MET HAR-"I threw my hand over Emma's mouth before she could scream anymore."Ewww Emma did you just lick my hand?" I said "Maybe."she said with a smirk on her face.Jamie then went on and on about why you shouldn't lick someone's hand.I fell asleep five minuets into the conversation.


"LILY GET YOUR LAZY BUTT UP!" Someone screamed into my ear."Oww" I groaned. I opened my eyes and saw everyone leaving the plane."We better hurry and get to our flat." Jamie said.We nodded in agreement and got our luggage.As we were exiting the building we saw a bunch of fans and paps everywhere.I looked to the left and saw One Direction getting attacked by paps."FOLLOW US!" I shouted to Liam and he nodded and started to follow us.Security came and got the paps and fans to make a path for them.We got them to our car all in one piece."Is everyone okay?"Autumn asked being the caring person she is."Yeah" they all replied."Sorry ladies no fans near them you have to leave." A security gaurd said and stared to push us away from our car."We aren't fans for one and that's our car."I said sassily.I started to run past them to go to our car but was pulled back by one of them."I SAID NO FANS AROUND THE BOYS." he shouted in my face and carried me on his shoulder.I started to punch and kick the gaurd as hard as I could but it didn't do anything.I almost gave up but I had a idea, I would bite him and run away.So I clamped my mouth on his neck and he dropped me."IT WORKED." I shouted as I sprinted back to the car."HEY PAUL, THERE WITH US."Niall screamed. "Oh."Paul replied and let us go.He walked away and then I started to get screamed at by Jamie."WHY WOULD YOU BITE A SECURITY GAURD YOU COULD HAVE GONE TO JAIL FOR ALL WE KNOW!" "Well I didn't now did I?" I replied sassy like.The boys went into a fit of laughter. "IT'S NOT FUNNY GUYS."Jamie screamed as I mocked her.I kept doing it until Zayn got a call from a very angry Perrie."THE WEDDING IS OFF YOU DOUCHE!" she screamed in the phone so loud we could all hear her."Oh god." I whispered.




Hey guys this is the first chapter.A bit of drama and a cliffhanger. What do you think will happen. Please like or favorite it would meant a lot!! Thanks lovelies


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