Only getting weaker

"I can't do it anymore I'm done!!" She yelled as she walked out the door in tears. "What the hell did I just do" I said. "The worst mistake you ever made mate" Zayn said coming up behind me. The next minute sirens and a gunshot went off. "LOUIS!!!!!!"


1. Meet the Charaters

       Hi i'm Lily Allison, I am 19 years old and I will be moving to London with my 4 best friends.I have ginger hair with blue eyes.I'm 4'11 I know i'm short but what are you going to do.I also have a nose percing.I'm a directoner not the kind that meet them everyday but eat food all day and get on the computer.If I had to pick a favorite it would be Louis Tomlinson because he is funny and has that bad boy touch to him.Alright thats all you need to know for now.


      Hi i'm Autumn Allison, I am 21 years old and ill be moving to London with my sister and friends.I have brown hair and brown eyes.I'm 5 foot that is short, I think it is anyways.I'm a directioner and my favorite is Liam Payne because he is caring and seems to be sweet.That is it for now.


     Hi i'm Emma Cottrell, I am 20 years old and I will be moving to London soon.I have brown hair and brown eyes.I'm 5'1 I dont like being tall.I'm a HUGE directioner but i never met them.My favorite is Harry Styles because those dimples and curls get to me in a way I can't explain.That's all from me.


     Hi i'm Autumn Daniels, I am 20 and moving to London I can't wait!I have brown hair and brown eyes,and I have a nose percing.I'm 5'1/2 watch out Emma i'm catching up to you.I'm a HUGE directioner also,I love Niall Horan because that Irish accent and his blue eyes are beautiful.That is all you have to know about me.


    Hi i'm Jamie Mason, I am 20 and moving up to London.I have blonde hair and blue eyes.I'm 5 foot that is short for my age.I'm not a directioner but I like their music.If I had to choose someone I like out of them is Zayn Malik because he has a mysterious and quiet touch to him.Thats all for now.


Hello my lovelys this is a fan fiction and some of it is true thou so watch out.So my name is Lily Allison and im writting this book because im really bored and have nothing better to do.Ill try to update as much as i can!!!!

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