Love Lasts

We weren't your average teenage love. We were dangerous, but we were not. We were in love but we were not. I spent my whole life dreaming of him. But now, I don't. He's in my nightmares.


1. Evangeline

It was a warm, fall night. I had my arm out the window, making waves against the wind. We were driving to a place we didn't even know of. Because we had no destination. Sometimes we did this; we just drove to drive. For no reason other than to get away.

The radio was playing faintly. I could still hear his steady breathing. He looked at me the same way he always does on these rides. He was very unreadable. It bothered me, but I never spoke anything of it. The sun was beginning to set, and we were becoming closer to civilization. Which city, I have no idea.

"Where are we?" I whispered.

"I'm not sure." He answers, the same every time.

I didn't usually like the unknown, I always knew what was going on. With Harry, I felt like I could trust whatever he does, or wherever he takes us.

It was a Saturday night, and it happened to keep getting colder and colder as the night drew on. We entered a foreign city, something different in the air. Harry looked uneasy, which automatically made me feel uneasy. Something was off about the night. Maybe it was the drunks wobbling on the sidewalks, or maybe the homeless sitting on every street corner. Maybe it was the intoxicating smell of cigarettes and alcohol. The smell made me want to gag.

"I think we should leave." Harry says.

I just nod. When Harry's frightened, there must be a good reason. We pull into an alley way to turn around, and as we pull out a speeding van with music blasting heads right for us.

For me.

I expected the impact. Window glass stuck into my skin and I was sure I couldn't breathe as we rolled to the side. The van's music still played. But the sound was fuzzy. Everything was. Until the world went black; and I couldn't see anything at all.

\\ A.N. \\

So I'm sorry it's short and it sucks but I had to get this going haha. So the chapter name will be who's point of view the chapter is in. I promise usual updates will be longer. But anyway, thanks for reading. (: xx

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