Typical Grace

Little brother screaming. Parents fighting. Mean Girls on Instagram. Best friend's boyfriend dumped her. Yeah, that's the typical life of me, Grace Werry. And this explains the life of a junior high girl with a typical life of ups and downs. BRACE YOURSELFSS!!


1. No worries.

Before there was Instagram, or texting, or boyfriend's dumping you, there was me. Born on a cold December night in Wilmingham. Let's just say I wasn't the nicest baby. I did bite quite a bit! I mean, first time the nurse held me up with a disgusted face like I was an animal, I bit her. She deserved don't get me wrong. But as I grew I realized, this world is getting worse. I mean my first birthday party when I was 5, total disaster! This other girl, Jannet Marks, was having a birthday party also on that day. I invited just about anyone I knew! I was going to go bowling, then a sleepover. But no, Jannet had to go roller skating at the new hotspot in town. Personally, toilet-papering is way better then dumb old roller skates. Before I get ahead of myself. My name's Grace and this is my teenage story.-__________________


-First Day of Middle School-


As I woke, I couldn't help but feel a little disappointment my summer was gone. Those long nights, staying up texting Brandon and Ashley. Man, how I would give anything to do that summer over again. I threw my long legs out of my zebra sheeted bed and went to my bathroom. I brushed my teeth, which included having blue colored braces and headed back to picking out of first day of school clothes, which I intended being the hardest thing out of my morning. I looked through my closet slowly, emitting all my summer clothes and tanks. I took a Blue tank top and a grey sweater pull-over off the hanger and slipped on some light colored jeans from Hollister Ashley gave to me over the summer. I picked up my pink hairbrush my mom gave to me 3 Christmases ago, which I have kept. I brushed out my medium length blonde hair. I have had blonde hair all my life. They matched with my sweet ocean blue eyes and olive skin tone. I not saying Im gorgeous, but im not like Megan Fox. I decided to let my hair flow wavy for today. I pulled on some white converse and headed downstairs to all the commotion.


"But MOM! I have cheer practice! I can't miss it!!" Breanna, my sister said loudly right next to me as I reached for some cereal.

"Honey, I can't do anything about it! The teacher think's you need extra help this year. You barely made it by last year. " My mom replied with a worried look.

"Good morning?" I interrupted hoping to cheer up the mood.

"Morning babe, do you want me to take you to school.?" She asked stuffing lunch into Hagin, my little brother's, bag.

"Umm no! I will take the bus." I said and looked at the time. It said 7;34AM.

"Mom, I got to go. The bus will be here any minute. I can walk home." I swiftly moved out of the front door to my usual waiting spot. I was correct. About 30 seconds after I went outside, the bus came. I stepped onto the bus with a big crowd of talking teenagers. Some giving me dirty looks, which I ignored. I decided on a seat in the back by myself. I took out my iPhone and cranked up some One Direction. Yes, I like One Direction, though everyone in my school thinks they're gay. I just ignore them. I turned to look out the window to see Brandon stepping onto the bus. I peeked my head up just enough to see his head. I was hoping he would see me and sit by me. Sadly, he chose a seat next to the jocks. Him and I haven't exactly been "A couple". We have been kinda fighting, though we always make up. I just looked back out my window thinking about how to greet my loser friends. :P



"Hey freak! How was your break?" Ashley greeted me with a smile full of white teeth with a certain glow that all the guys seem to love.

"Hey! It was alright, you?" I said with a chuckle.

"It was good. I just wish this school year will hurry, because I can't all the drama that you know Jannet's gonna make."

"Speak of the devil." I said moving my eyes towards the biggest drama queen in all of Pennsylvania. Jannet, Like I said earlier, we aren't very fond.

"Hey losers! How was your summer? Just kidding I really don't care, but hey, maybe this year you can try to be cool, you know?"

Me and Ashley looked at her with blank expressions.

"Oh come on, don't play stupid. I know your plan. Your going to try and ruin me but its not going to work." she said a mean angry look on her face.

She rushed off to greet her other Barbie friends. Ashley and I laughed till we were crying.

"Oh my gawshh! That was the stupidest thing she has said so far!!" I laughed again almost falling over. -BELL RINGS-

"Haha, okay, I got to get to Science but I will see you at lunch. "I said with tears still in my eyes. I rushed into Science to find Brandon. His dark brown hair matched perfectly with his round face and soft pink lips. Don't get me started with those sorrow green eyes that sparkled like diamonds. I found my self practically drooling over him.

"Hey babe! How was your break? We didn't get to hang out a lot, im sorry. Football was like over heated for the big homecoming on Friday." He said. I was mad, not just amd, really pissed.

"No worries, I understand." I said with a big fake smile. I took my seat and was prepared for the bordness to kick in. 

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