liv, Breeanne, Maddie, and Diana move from Australia to England so they can try to have normal lives. everythings been going wrong since their dad died in may. when they get there things are brutally , mentally, and physically challenging. they get bullied a lot so they learn to deal with it, but that takes a while. they move in right next door to niall horan. maddie and dianna share a room but they are huge rooms. same with bree and liv. livs window is 6 feet from nialls so they can talk a lot . the one direction boys ride the same bus as the girls but the girls get on a few stops after the boys. they all get closer than you think.:)


1. the first day of junior year

                             livs pov                                                                                                    we just moved here and things are not going so well at all.    we got jumped 4 times within an hour but everything else is fine. we start school today and we all are excited. since bree and I are twins we decided to wear short shorts and tank tops. she had orange converse and I had black ones. she wore an orange tank top and I wore a black one. maddie and Diana wore short sleeve black tee shirts with skinny jeans and converse. it quite funny though cuz all of our shoes we own are converse. Diana is a blonde. maddie is a brunet. breeanne has black hair and im the red head. we all have wavy hair that flows slowly in the wind. we didn't bring anything to school so we waited for the bus which picks us up at 9:30 am. the bus got there and we got on. it was weird cuz people everywear were staring like we were a dream or something. my sisters and I are really skinny but it runs in the family. bree and I sat with our bestie taylor swift. we laughed the whole way there. we don't get to school until noon which rocks. we got off the bus and I went to the gym. the girls were already there. we all loved sports. we saw some cute boys playing soccer for the school record so I grabbed the girls and taylor and went to play a game.  we were awesome. the coach walked away  from the boys try outs just to see us play. every one stopped and starred at us with disbelief. me and bree have this move that we can do on defense or offense. we can kick the ball all the way down to the goal in one kick. maddie and Diana are better than we are at offense though. bree did her magic and slammed that ball in there as fast as light. we all even tried slamming it and away and it didn't work, it was already in the goal. I high fived bree then the coach came to talk to us. coach: u girls wanna be on the boys team? me: ya sure. coach:great then go over there and make some friends then. we all went over and they introduced themselves. 8 of them are cute so we just went a long with it. after practice we all headed to lunch. Brandon and jake the hotties who also rode our bus sat next to me and bree at lunch. Brandon asked bree out and jake asked me out and we replied yes. the ride home was romantic cuz I sat with jake, well I sat on his lap taking selfies and listening to music. I get off with niall horan and his friends. when we all got home we ate dinner and fell asleep.

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