liv, Breeanne, Maddie, and Diana move from Australia to England so they can try to have normal lives. everythings been going wrong since their dad died in may. when they get there things are brutally , mentally, and physically challenging. they get bullied a lot so they learn to deal with it, but that takes a while. they move in right next door to niall horan. maddie and dianna share a room but they are huge rooms. same with bree and liv. livs window is 6 feet from nialls so they can talk a lot . the one direction boys ride the same bus as the girls but the girls get on a few stops after the boys. they all get closer than you think.:)


2. jealousy? nah pissed off ?YEAH

                                jake snuck into my house to kiss me in the middle of the  night. niall and his friends were watching through the window, i new they were they have been watching my family since they saw us.   jake kissed me passionately , then pushed  me against the wall. he pulled my hair behind my ear. he started pulling up my top, my reflexes kicked in and i slapped him. he fell and i caught him. omg im sorry it wont happen again! j: i know it wont cuz we are done! i punched him in the face. he kicked me in my gut, in the mouth then he slapped me.  i ran and he chased me in an ally. we brought i some friends and i was abused harshly physically and mentaly. i was hit punched bit and stabbed every were. i put on a tank top and jeans and i got on the bus. i got terrible looks from every one. i sat right next to Louis cuz we new eachother wen we were little. he  and his friends looked at me with concern. Louis do i scare u or something? what happened to u? nothing. u call this nothing? he pulled my arm. i started to cry . harry: you will be alright love. i doubt it i may not live to see tomorrow. we got to school and we ate lunch. jake walked in he dumped soda on my head. harry and Louis were watching. i kicked jake in the balls. i dropped my stuff and walked out of the cafeteria. jake followed me out.  i was at my locker before gym when  some one threw a knife @ my head. they missed and i took off down the hall. i got  to gym ok but it got worse. jake and his friends  locked the doors when every one was in there.  we were running laps when the lights went out. next thing i new i was being dragged to the boys locker room i felt a sharp pain on my face arms and legs. then a hot iron thing burned my face.  ten minutes later  the boys were gone so i ran out of the locker rooms and covered the sides of my face with my hair. i was all bloody. even my gym stuff and my body was covered in it. the teacher screamed then fainted.  Louis walked up to me: u ok what happened luv? i'm fine i guess? no ur goin to see the nurse i heard harry yell cross the gym. god damn it i said im fine for now i screamed!  i walked up the hall with Louis, we walked around one corner and jake stabbed me and ran off. i fell and almost hit the ground but Louis caught me. Louis carried me bridal style and ran to the nurse. hello im Louis Tomlinson and liv is a victim of a abusive boy friend!  nurse calls on ambulance. the ride to the hospital took forever. the boys went with me to try to keep me from falling asleep. we were almost there mabey like 10 minutes. we all talked then i started crying. Louis tried to hug me then i tried not to scream. Louis your hurting her Louis niall said. im barley touching her. he moved the hair out of my face. she was branded! liam said Louis ? yes love? can u promise me some thing? yes of coarse luv anything for you! please don't let him kill me i said in between sobs and my eyes started to close. no liv stay with me liv please he kissed my hand then he yelled we are losing her they all yelled in unison. then everything went black!.......


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