1. Prologue

They named her Marilyn for her outrageous voice. From age two, she could sing her heart out. Marilyn was a beautiful young girl. As she bounced back and fourth between foster homes, she used her voice less and less.

Her hair was blonde and fell down so it just reached her breasts as she usually stood tall and proud of her body. Her sixteen years of mental and physical abuse made it hard for her to enjoy herself. Marilyn had never felt what it was like to love and she had never had a boyfriend.

In her newest foster home, the mother was a sweet older woman who cared deeply for Marilyn and the next eldest in the house, Connor. Connor and Marilyn had created a bond and they became inseperable.

Conner had hair that was cut just over his eyebrows. It was a redish-brown color. He was tall and slouched quite often. Connor made Marilyn sing again. Insisting she used her voice to relieve pain and grief.

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