The boys are not famous in this story. Hope you enjoy!(:


4. chapter 4

Vanessa's POV

We were in his car taking a road that was so familiar to me I knew where we were going. The park. But not just any park it's special. My mum used to take me here before she died. All the memories are getting me upset but I push those feelings to the side. When we got there we went to the hill my mother used to take me to.

"W-What do you want to do?" He asked nervous and he's so cute when he's nervous.

"I don't know." I said almost in a whisper. I didn't mean for it to come out that way but it did.

"Is something wrong?" He asked concerned. I shook my head and started to get up. He looked at me confused when I started waking to the swings. My mum used to push me on the swings. She did it so gentle but I got so high in the air. I always pretended when she pushed me that I was queen of the world. I miss those days so much. He started to push me. Just like my mum did.

"Do you not like the park Vanessa?" He asked

"I love the park it's just..." I stopped talking. I couldn't choke out the words that were stuck in my throat. I couldn't say it without crying so I won't talk at all.

"I understand you don't want to talk about it." He said. He's so sweet. The rest of the day was perfect. Better than perfect. But when the day started to end we packed up and went to his car.

"I think the date was a huge success Vanessa." He told me starting up the car.

"I agree." I said back to him. He smiled at me and at that moment I knew that this wasn't our last date.

"So back to my earlier question. Would you ever go out with me?" He asked I laughed at him. He looked at me confused.

"We just went out!" I laughed. He blushed and said a small oh yea.

"I have a new question for you." He said I nodded.

"Would you ever be my girlfriend?" He asked smiling. I thought for a minute then nodded. I really like him but I have no clue about this. I don't want to go through this again. He smiled so big then started to think.

"Vanessa. Would you do me the honor.." He said. My heart started beating really fast. I nodded in encouragement.

"Would you be my girlfriend?" He finally asked and at that moment I knew I was falling for him. Hard.

Harry's POV

"Would you be my girlfriend?" I finally blurted out the words. She smiled then paused. Then smiled again.

"Yes Harry." She said unsure of what she was doing.

"Really?!" I asked shocked she said yes. She nodded and then I was the happiest man alive. I'm so happy to be able to call her mine. At a red light I took her hand squeezing it and she squeezed it back.

I got to my driveway and pulled in parking the car. She got out and waved at me and taking a deep breath before walking up her steps to her front door. Weird. Was she scared of going home? All I know Is her mother had passed because she had told me but she never mentioned her father. Maybe because she doesn't like him. Well she has to it's her own father. Well at least that what I think.

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