Fall For You

She was tired of living in this world.
So he showed her a new state of mind.

He was tired of waiting for someone.
So she showed him a new feeling.

{Niall Horan -- not famous}
{© 2013 lilacniall}


5. Three

Once again, the house was silent, blanketing Lee in the comfortable warmth. Her eyes would flutter open every now and then to stare at the wall across from her. Even in the pale moonlight, the lilac purple color etched on the walls was visible. She was reluctant to sleep, wanting to distance herself from the upcoming trip as much as possible, though she couldn't have been more excited. Lee refused to give in to her tired self, for once she fell asleep, the flight would arrive in no time. Annoyed with her own decision, Lee picked up her phone from her bed-side table, pressing the home button so that a light would turn on, removing her from the darkness. Reluctantly, she typed her password and called Louis, completely bored out of her mind. 

"Hello?" He answered on the third ring, voice groggy like it always was in the early morning. 

"Louis, my flight is in ten hours and I'm freaking out. I need a distraction" Lee breathed, sitting up in her bed, her breaths erratic. 

"Okay," he sighed on the other line. "I'll be over in ten." She could hear shuffling coming from the other side of the call, knowing that Louis was probably getting out of bed, getting a sweatshirt to keep him warm in the cold. Lee whispered a thank you, though she was aware Louis probably didn't hear it, before hanging up. 

Ten minutes later, Louis texted her, announcing that he was waiting outside, just like he promised. Lee got up, grabbing a sweatshirt and placing her phone in the huge pocket sewed onto the front. She left her room, slightly running down the stairs and almost tripping over her own feet. Once she got down to the main floor, Lee walked into the kitchen, grabbing a paper and pen to leave a note for her aunt who would wake up in three hours to go for a jog by the lake at the entrance of the neighborhood. Leaving it on the counter, she grabbed her boots, snuggling her feet into the plush shoes before heading outside. She exited through the front door, locking it with the key she grabbed from next to the home phone. When she spotted Louis' car, Lee waved, though it was obvious that he couldn't see her. 

"Why the fuck would you call me at 2 AM?!" Louis spoke once his friend entered the car, still a bit drowsy because of his lack of sleep. 

"I needed a distraction from all this." Lee spoke in a quiet voice, feeling even guiltier for waking up her friend. 

"Okay. Well what did you have in mind?" Lee could hear the slight bit of a British accent in his voice, evoking the story he had told her of him living in England for two years, right after he was born. She thought he made it up, but now that she listened, Lee could hear the tone. 

"I don't know. What's open at 2 AM?" She giggled, replying to her exhausted friend. 

"Krogers? That wine shop down the street? The animal shelter?" Louis spoke, looking about ready to fall asleep on the steering wheel. 

"What about Bernie's? They're open 24/7." Lee suggested the unpopular shop that was built just out of the neighborhood. 

"Yeah." Louis agreed, starting the ignition and pressing his foot on the gas pedal, speeding out of the neighborhood and driving towards the quaint building.

Once they got there, both hopped out of the car, rushing into the shop to escape the cold. The bells above the door jingled as Lee and Louis entered, laughing their heads off at a joke Louis made in the car. The current cashier welcomed them, allowing them to search for the bottles they would like to purchase. She seemed like a nice girl, her auburn hair tied up into a tight ponytail, falling into loose ringlets. 

Lee and Louis both ran into different aisles, searching for the tastiest liquid. After about twenty minutes of searching, they had both laid five cans of beer, eight candy bars, two bags of chips, a soda bottle, some mentos, and a pack of gum on the counter. Louis got his card and i.d. out, preparing for the payment of a lot of money. 

"$57.23." The girl whose name tag read 'Lilah' smiled, accepting Louis' credit card and drivers license. After purchasing the items, the two headed outside, seating themselves into Louis' car. He handed Lee a beer can, taking one for himself, both twisting the tab and popping it open. Yelling cheers, Lee and Louis downed the beer, taking a huge gulp of the heavy liquid. When she swallowed, Lee gagged, sighing as she sat on top of her feet, her head almost hitting the roof of the vehicle. Louis continued to drink out of the can, finishing it within ten minutes. By that time, both were full on drunk, as Louis was on his second can and Lee was almost done with her first. They were laughing manically, pointing at squirrels who were running about the trees. It was now 4 AM, and they were still awake, eating all the candy and chips to fill their empty stomachs. Louis was falling asleep, a bag of chips in hand, while Lee was sucking on a lollipop seductively, making weird noises with her mouth. They were drunk off their asses, though neither of them knew that. Lee had forgotten that her flight was just under eight hours, and they had no way of getting home as neither was in the position to drive.

At eight o' clock, Louis and Lee were passed out in the car, still in the parking lot of the shop they had shopped in six hours prior. Lee only woke up because her phone was letting out an obnoxious ring tone, blaring a bleating noise. She groaned, searching her pocket for the device. She opened her eyes to see the name blinking on the screen.

"Hello?" She mumbled into the receiver, aware that her aunt was on the other line. She now had a migraine that was only growing by the second.

"Where are you?!" Kim yelled into the phone, frustrated with her niece's stupidity.

"I told you. Louis and I went out for a bit." Lee sighed, too tired to argue with her frustrated relative. 

"A little bit," she scoffed. "It's almost 9 AM. You've been out for seven hours and your flight is in three, so I suggest you come home!" Kim yelled again before ending the call. Lee sighed, shaking Louis to wake him up.

"Louis." She spoke, barely above a whisper. When he didn't respond, she slapped him across the back, yelling his name. "Louis!"

His head banged against the steering wheel before her lifted it up to reply. "What!" He whined, dragging out the word. 

"My flight's in three hours. We have to go." Lee sighed, laughing a bit at the circumstances. She went out to slow down the time until the trip and it ended up going by faster than she expected. 

"Shit." Louis mumbled, starting the car. He pulled out of the parking lot, heading towards Lee's house. 

"How can you drive?!" She exclaimed, shock prominent in her voice. 

"What do you mean?"

"You had three cans last night! And you barely slept! How can you still drive?" Lee questioned, causing Louis to laugh at her ignorance. 

"Years of practice, Lee. Years of practice." Louis laughed, Lee remaining shocked. 

They pulled up into her driveway, both getting out of the car. Some dark clouds began to form above, signaling that it was going to pour rain sometime soon. Louis followed Lee in, and they were both greeted by some friends.

"Hey!" Sierra stood up, walking over to her best friends. Both returned the greeting. Marcel sat on the couch talking to Destiny about something he heard about England.

"Whens your flight?" Marcel asked, getting up to greet his friends, followed by Destiny. 

"In three hours." Lee sighed, placing both her hands into the pocket of her sweatshirt, connecting them under the soft fabric.

"Oh. Can we come with you to the airport?" Destiny joined in the conversation, holding her hands behind her back. She was very pretty. With slightly tanned skin and chestnut brown hair, Destiny looked like a model, though she didn't have the perfect body.

"Of course!" Lee laughed at her friends question before continuing. "I was going to ask you all anyways!" They all talked for a bit, before going up to Lee's room to hang out a bit, spending the rest of the time until she had to leave playing stupid games. 

So this wasn't as long as I hoped, but I don't want this fanfic to start off bad by Niall coming in too soon. I can promise you that he will be here by the 7th chapter. I know I'm a bitch for making you guys wait but oh well la la la. And idk if I can update tomorrow, unless you want a super super short chapter again oops :/

love you all! And please check out my (coming soon) fanfic Princess cuz I love the plot of it omg.

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