Fall For You

She was tired of living in this world.
So he showed her a new state of mind.

He was tired of waiting for someone.
So she showed him a new feeling.

{Niall Horan -- not famous}
{© 2013 lilacniall}


2. Prologue

"Please do share with me your thoughts." Dr. Bowman pursed her lips, her black-rimmed glasses falling down her nose. She had asked Lara this question numerous times, only to receive the exact same response. Silence. She sighed at her patients disability to answer such a simple question, frustrated at her persistence to avoid confrontation at all costs. 

"Lara, you have to tell me what's wrong. How else am I supposed to help you?" The doctor pleaded for an answer, hoping to crack the girl like a nutshell in order to pry the haunting information out of her. But instead of responding with a sufficient answer, one that would help her, Lara corrected her newest doctor, trying to distract her from her original question. 

"Remember, I don't like being called Lara. My name is Lee." 

"Well honey, that is not what it says on your birth certificate." Dr. Bowman smirked, getting ready to continue the interrogation of her most difficult patient. 

"Why do I come to you anyway? You're no help, and I have nothing to say to you." Lee, as she liked to be called, raised her eyebrows at yet another 'failure of a doctor.' She let her anger and frustrations get the best of her, snapping at the lady in the ugly Christmas sweater and work pants. Apparently, she had lost track of time; it was only August, December was four months away. 

Instead of answering her patient's rude question, the psychiatrist rolled her dark hazel eyes, closed her leather-bound notebook, and placed her fancy pen on the table next to her. She adjusted her small reading glasses, dragging them up the slope of her nose to keep them from falling. She then spoke in a monotone voice, though she refused to give up on the resistant and damaged girl that lay on the patients chair, light brown hair splayed across the soft cushiony surface. 

"Time's up. I'll see you next week." With that, Dr. Bowman stood up from her chair, walked to the door, and waited for Lee to gather her belongings and leave. She held the wooden door open, closing it after the girl had left.

Lee walked out of the small building that resided alongside a back road, the air biting at her skin even through her heavy sweatshirt. The smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies tingled her senses as she walked towards her aunt's black Mercedes, mumbling a few curse words at the sight of the extremely rich lady whose house she was living in for the time being. Lee didn't hate her aunt, just all her wealth. It was all wasted on fancy shit that no one needed. 

"How was it?" Kim placed her pocket mirror down next to the seat as her niece entered the brand new sports car. She raised her recently tweezed-and-waxed eyebrows. 

"Same as usual." Lara -- Lee -- mumbled in response, fiddling with her fingers as her aunt started the car, perfectly manicured fingers roaming the leather cover of the steering wheel to direct the vehicle in the right direction.

Kim sighed, prominent wrinkles forming on her pimple-free forehead as she crinkled her eyebrows and sighed in frustration. "Why are you so difficult to work with!" Her words came out as a statement more than a question. "Obviously nothing is going to help unless you stop being a brat!"

"Maybe I don't want help! Maybe I just want to live a normal life and forget about it!" Lee snapped at her aunt, yet again, over the exact same topic. But you couldn't blame her; Lee dealt with a lot of judgment, like many other teenagers, and sometimes she found more comfort in her bedroom watching re-runs of Glee while ruffling the fur around the neck of her dog. Sometimes going to a counselor -- weekly -- was just a bit stressful.

"Whatever. Just don't come crawling to me when you have nightmares again." Kim lowered her voice a bit, giving in to her some-what arrogant niece. Most of the time, Lee wasn't one to yell or fight -- she was very laid back and calm. But when someone attempted to discuss a touchy subject, all hell breaks loose. She liked to allow her mind to roam free, causing her to be a tad bit ditzy. Though this was quite true, Lee was very intelligent, surpassing all her classmates since grade five. She had gotten numerous scholarships to colleges, but denied them all as she did not care to deal with drunk teenagers for another four years.

The drive back to the Porter mansion was just under ten minutes, leaving minimal time for the two to converse. The air in the vehicle was thick, filling Lee's nostrils and corrupting her mind with the tense feeling floating around the tiny space. Once the car pulled up into the lengthy gravel driveway, the 19-year-old girl decided to break the silence, though her comment wasn't as positive as her aunt had hoped it would be.

"I just want to get out of here." Lee mumbled, only loud enough for Kim to hear, hoping she would reply something encouraging like a normal aunt would. But she was no normal aunt, as Lee was no normal girl.

"Maybe you should visit your cousin in England for a bit. I'm sure he would love to take you in." Kim replied sarcastically, referring to her nephew whose mom had taken him back to England when he was two. He and Lee had barely spoken, pretending as if they weren't cousins at all.

"You want me to go stay with Harry?" Lee questioned, sounding appalled at her aunt's suggestion though she had dearly missed her distant cousin.


Ahhh! I'm so excited for this story! Remember, it's a Niall not famous story. lol.... I hope someone is as excited as I am. But yeah, in this chapter we all learn that Lee/Lara is Harry's cousin. Ok... lalalala cupcakes. Will post first chapter tomorrow I think... yeah :) 

Please vote and comment! ily :)

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