Fall For You

She was tired of living in this world.
So he showed her a new state of mind.

He was tired of waiting for someone.
So she showed him a new feeling.

{Niall Horan -- not famous}
{© 2013 lilacniall}


3. One

Even in August, Philadelphia was a cold city, though it wouldn't snow until late October or early November. Today was especially chilly, causing Lee and her 14-year-old sister Kaitlin to tightly stretch their jackets across their chests and run into the heated shelter of their aunt's house. The sisters had just returned from Kaitlin's field hockey meet, because rain or shine, that team practiced every fucking day

Today was Wednesday, two days after Lee's appointment with her counselor. Two days after her aunt had suggested her visiting Harry for a while. HarryOf all people, Lee thought, Kim just had to suggest Harry. Sure, she missed her cousin, a lot, but Lee had more anger built up inside of her than happiness. HappinessWhat a foreign word. Despite the fact that she would be living with Harry, getting out of Philly for a while didn't sound that bad. She would finally be away from all the failure psychiatrists, all the bad history, all the memories. Actually thinking about it, Lee got a bit excited about England. And then she realized that she would have to leave behind her many siblings, her best friends, and her dogs. Then she would have to make all new friends, which was definitely not a skill of hers, and her phone doesn't even work out of the house, let alone in another country! Now, yet again, England sounded pretty damn suckish.

Lee sighed, entering the large house and making her way into the kitchen, seating herself on a leather bar stool and opening up her laptop that remained on the granite counter top in front of her. She quickly moved her fingers across the keyboard, turning it on and typing in her password. After a few minutes of loading, the desktop finally appeared, all the icons popping up as the mouse on the screen was followed by a little spinning circle. 

Reluctantly, Lee dragged her pointer and middle fingers along the mouse of her Apple laptop, moving the clicker icon down to 'Safari.' She sighed, took another deep breath and double-clicked. As the web page loaded, Lee jumped off the seat and began to pace around the counter, her right hand holding her head like one would if they head a headache. Should I actually do this, Lee thought to herself, still wandering around the kitchen in order to delay what she was getting ready to do. Can I do this? Her mind was flying free with questions that would only help to persuade her not to go, even though deep down, she really did want to leave. She really did want to have a new start. 

Before her subconscious had the chance to remind her about all the negatives of going to England, Lee hustled over to the computer, not even taking a seat. She typed in Emirates Airlines web address, tapping her fingernails impatiently on the granite while waiting for the site to load. Once it did, she quickly typed in some words in order to find a plane ticket. 

Lee decided on a flight landing in Manchester. According to what Kim said, she thought, Manchester is close to where Harry lives. She entered a few more things, such as the airport she would be departing from, PHL, the airport she would be landing in, MAN, when the flight would be, August 21st, two weeks from today, what class she would fly in, business, the number of adults, 1, the number of children, 0. Lee didn't bother entering a return flight as she didn't know how long she would be staying. Taking another deep breath, she clicked 'Find Flights' and waited for results to pop up. Once they did, Lee skimmed through each and every one, determined to find a decent flight before she backed out. 

After several minutes of searching, Lee found a ticket that suited her desires, causing a small smile to form on her pink lips. Clicking on the ticket, she giggled. She giggled like an idiot, all out of pure happiness that she would finally be getting the hell out of this dump of a city. Not that Lee had anything against the city itself, just the history she had witnessed while living in it. She continued on with the process of ordering the ticket, grabbing her aunt's wallet out of her purse which stood on the counter to enter her credit card number. She was probably upstairs doing yoga or something, anyway. After going through the registration and processing and all other shit you have to do to buy a plane ticket, two buttons popped up on the screen: "Cancel" and "Pay."

Lee sat back, closed her eyes for a minute and breathed, thinking about what her life would be like away from this place. She leaned forward with a thick smile on her face and clicked 'Pay.' In just two weeks, Lee was leaving for England.

So this is kind of short, I know. That's why I'm (hopefully) doing a double update today :) And hopefully you could tell that Lee has a bunch of mixed emotions but yeah.... I hope you guys like this! I'll probably update again around 7-ish or something. So... until then!

please comment and vote guys! I love you all xoxo

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