Forever And Ever

Maizie and Alienia Walker are two very different twins. Alienia is a bad girl when you look at the positives. Maizie is your goody two shoes. One thing they have in common: One Direction. Ali loves Zayn, Maiz loves Liam. But when they win two plane tickets, backstage passes, and front row tickets to their concert, they can't wait. They have nobody to tend to, because their parents died in a jet wreck. When they go, all luck is there. Zayn falls in love with Ali, Liam with Maiz. But what's missing? Oh yeah. The death of Alienia Michelle Walker. What happens to Maizie? Find out, in Forever And Ever. ❤❤❤❤


1. Prologue❤❤

Hi. My name is Maizie Walker. I am 19 years old. I have dark brown hair and clear blue eyes. My sister's name is Alienia. She is 19. Her hair is a deep auburn. She has green eyes. We aren't the same. She's baddie, and I'm the goodie. But we both love the boyband OneDirection. She likes Zayn, I like Liam. We just won a radio contest, and we're on our way to Los Angeles! Well I have to go. See you later I guess❤❤❤ Oh, and this rollercoaster ride is really biggggg! ☺

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