the story of my life

My name is Avalon, but most people call me Ava. I have a twin sister-Macey- , and my best friend-Marge- ,and she has an older sister-Grace. I'll tell you two things:
#1: life isn't always easy.
#2: this is the story of my life and how it changed forever.


5. what happened?

Avalon's Pov.

"Marge, what's going on here," I ask, desperate for some kind of an answer.

"I don't know," She replies. "Hey, Ava," She calls.

"Yes," I reply.

And she answers with a chuckle "So much for winning that contest." And we both burst into laughter. "Wait," She replies.

"What," I ask, concerned.

"If you're Darcy, then who am I," She asks.

"Well mabe- wait do you hear something at the door or is it just me?" I ask.

"It's not just you because I hear it too." She replies looking at the door.

Harry's Pov.

Oh no. I think they know that Zayn and I are listening. But why do they keep calling each other Avalon and Marge, when it's really Darcy and Marie? Questions are spinning around my head as I motion for Zayn to rush down the stairs. I just got an idea: I, as the father of Darcy and Zayn, as the father of Marie have the right to know what our daughters are up to. As I walk down the stairs, I stop to explain to Zayn my idea. We both decided to call a family meeting so that we can talk to our daughters and have them tell us what's going on, and I could ask all of the questions I need answers to. "Darcy," I call.

"Marie," Zayn calls.

"Comming," They say in unison.

Avalon's Pov.

"Comming," Marge and I say in unison.

"Marge, I got it," I say.

"Got what," She replies.

"You must be Zayn's daughter," I say, full of cheer and exitement.

And she replies "Awesome! Now let's go before we get into any trouble."

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