the story of my life

My name is Avalon, but most people call me Ava. I have a twin sister-Macey- , and my best friend-Marge- ,and she has an older sister-Grace. I'll tell you two things:
#1: life isn't always easy.
#2: this is the story of my life and how it changed forever.


1. welcome to my world-intro.

My name is Avalon, and my life is tough. My parents left my sister and I in a beautiful home with lots of money, cars, and a trust fund. Now, you may ask "How is her life so tough if she has so much?" This is my response: my parents moved to Hawaii when I was about five years old because they loathed the fact that I was born. They wanted to abort me, but then Macey would have had to die also; and they did not want that. When they went to Hawaii, they loved it so much, they decided to live there, so they bequeathed Macey things like money, cars, a trust fund, and even the house; just to name a few. Sometimes, Macey invites Grace to Hawaii around christmas time; so Marge and I have the entire house to ourselves for the whole break. Although I ended up getting nothing from my parents, Macey got me the most beautiful, blood-red video camera one year and then started to neglect me afterwards-unless I needed money for chlothes or food, or when she starts insulting and swearing at me alot. And now, I just want to tell you: "Welcome to my world"....................

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