1-15 Moments To Remember

People say bye to each other, and so did I. We all have to say bye someday. We all feel like we need to say some things to each other, but it is hard to say, face-to-face. Here are some of the things I never got to say to my friends as I said bye. Even though I may never meet them again, I hope they'll always remember me....


5. Moment 2 (For Carter Selden)

Hey Carter, 

We don't talk much but we share a lot of memories together. 

I didn't really talk with you during third grade. I only talked to a couple of people then. I was shy and wasn't used to speaking in English in the first place. 

But in fourth grade, we started to talk a little. To be honest, you're actually pretty cute. Not like handsome-cute, but little boy-cute. Get it? 


Anyway, you were really funny when you interrupted Ms. Skelly. She basically hated you the most. Haha 

And when Ms. Skelly told you to get out of the room, you were always like: Please, Ms. Skelly! I promise I won't talk. 

That never worked... Anyway, it was so funny when Ms. Skelly told you to go out. It was very hard not to laugh. 

During fourth grade, we also did the Gold Rush play together with Danny and Martina. That was so awesome and fun. 

At first, I didn't like the idea that you were in our group because I thought you'd be unfocused and would fool around. 

But I was wrong. You had great ideas! You and Danny were the ones that thought of the guns! Without you, our play would've been so normal and boring. 

Martina and I were chased by guns and you were Danny were like shooting stuff at us. That was really fun... 

It was the best play I ever participated in. 

And during fifth grade, we did the Egyptian project together. It was really awkward when you came to school late that day, but your mom brought in the sand paper. 

Mrs. Edmunds gave it to me. It was really awkward. 

And sometimes, I just stared at you and got that feeling. It's as if I was missing something. I sometimes felt like there was something going on between you and me. 

It's not like I like you and want you as my boyfriend, I just like you as a friend. But I just got that feeling sometimes. 

Even at the last day of school, Dec. 20th, 2013, I got that feeling. 

I'm still unable to find out what that feeling is... But I hope that I'll figure out what it was someday. 

I'll miss you so much!!! 

Your friend, 

Ho Young 

*Written while listening to Story of My Life, Live While We're Young and Diana by One Direction.*

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