The beginning

What happens after Harry and Ron leave hogwarts? Hermione is left to complete her education. With no one still with her at hogwarts from her year, she tries to get through the long year. Finally, Christmas break is nearing. But with hermione gone visiting Harry and Ron, is hogwarts in danger?


6. Yay! No…

***AUTHOR WARNING: super short chapter! sorry!***


Hermione ran to the hospital wing! She had been called down about James. She was scared. What if he was dead, or crazed, or mugglifyed! She couldn't bear the suspense. She finally arrived at the hospital wing. 

"I'm here!" She yelled, panting. "I came as fast as I could. How is he?"

"Unpetrified, but no one has talked to him yet. We don't know how he is doing, but you can be the first to talk to him." The nurse told her.

"Oh yay! I do hope he's all right!" She replied.

"James!" Hermione cried, hugging him. 

"I'm flattered and all, but who's James?"

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