The beginning

What happens after Harry and Ron leave hogwarts? Hermione is left to complete her education. With no one still with her at hogwarts from her year, she tries to get through the long year. Finally, Christmas break is nearing. But with hermione gone visiting Harry and Ron, is hogwarts in danger?


4. Replies and lightning

Finally, Jinxer returned with an envelope snared by his talons. Harry's handwriting. Hermione recognized it anywhere. She opened the letter.

Dear Hermione,

We really miss you. Ron's about gone mad. He needs to see you ASAP. We will meet you. One day until we see you at Grimmauld Place. See you soon!

- Harry

Hermione folded the letter, gave Jinxer a treat, and walked up to her bed. It was late and she was tired. She crawled into bed.


The next morning, hermione jumped out of bed. She was meeting Harry and Ron later this morning! It was also Saturday. James and her were going to hogsmeade. On their way, it started to storm. Thunder and lightning. Hermione suggested the turned back and return to the school, but as they started back, James was struck by purple lightning. He let out a piercing cry and was frozen, petrified, paralyzed, and immobile. He couldn't be moved. He was as stiff as stone. Hermione let out a cry. She started carrying him back to the Hogwarts grounds, tears in her eyes, at a sprint.

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