The beginning

What happens after Harry and Ron leave hogwarts? Hermione is left to complete her education. With no one still with her at hogwarts from her year, she tries to get through the long year. Finally, Christmas break is nearing. But with hermione gone visiting Harry and Ron, is hogwarts in danger?


15. Reactions

Hermione stood in the back of the room. She was smirking, proud that she figured it out. She was watching all of the family's reactions.

Molly was crying. Part of it was sadly. Most of it was happy crying. Arthur stood behind her with a proud smile on his face. He was patting the crying Molly on the back.

George was very supportive. 

"I'm sure you'll be great parents. If you ever need entertainment or somebody to watch the baby, you know who to call." He said with a wink.

"Thanks, man," Harry said.

"Fred would've said the same thing," George replied.

Ginny had a beaming smile on her face. So did Harry. He reached over to his wife's stomach and put his hand on it. His other hand was holding Ginny's hand.

Arthur walked over a patted Harry on the back.

"Be good to my daughter and grandchild," He said with a smile and a wink.

"Oh I will, sir." Harry replied beaming.

Bill, Percy, and Charlie were proud and knew that Harry and Ginny would make great parents. However, Ron was the most proud and happiest of them all for his sister and best friend. He pretended to be mad to see what Harry would say.

"I can't believe you'd be such a bloody bloke and go and get my sister pregnant! My own best friend gets engaged and doesn't even bother to tell me! And your marrying my sister, for pete's sake!"

"Ron, chill!" Ginny said, getting nervous.

"No, I won't," Ron replied.

"Ron, you're being stupid" Harry shot back, suddenly getting defensive.

"Yeah, that's me. Ronald Weasley, Harry Potter's stupid friend."

"Ron! That's not what I meant!"

"I know, man," Ron said, his expression turning from furious to joyful. He was laughing.

"What was that about?!" Harry asked. Ginny seemed just as confused.

"My enjoyment." Ron replied simply as if nothing had happened.

"So you're okay with us and all?" Ginny asked.

"I couldn't be more proud of my sister and my best friend!"

"That acting was bloody brilliant..." Harry said, still in shock.

Ron pulled him into a firm hug.

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