The beginning

What happens after Harry and Ron leave hogwarts? Hermione is left to complete her education. With no one still with her at hogwarts from her year, she tries to get through the long year. Finally, Christmas break is nearing. But with hermione gone visiting Harry and Ron, is hogwarts in danger?


12. Couples gifts and Christmas Eve

The Christmas spirit was bounding throughout the burrow. Everyone had wrapped their gifts and put them under the tree. The presents were like hibernating bears, waiting for the morning to be opened and awoken.

Ginny had developed a knack for quidditch over the years. Harry bought her a broom and quidditch set. He also got her a bracelet like hermione's, to protect her in the worst of times. 

Ginny bought Harry a new wand case to store his wand in, that would clip to his belt buckle and stay out of the way. It was convenient and easy to access. Two things a powerful wizard like Harry would need. She also got him a ring like the one hermione was giving Ron.

Hermione got Ron a ring, just like her bracelet, to protect him. She also got him and assortment of wizarding candies and prank kits. Sometimes she would ask herself, "hermione, are you trying to get the whole world blown up?!" But then she'd think, "he'll love it, even if he does destroy the whole world."

Ron got hermione several books on rare spells and potions that could come in handy. He got her a potion kit and a book called "advanced spells for the advanced witch or wizard," too.

With everyone so excited for Christmas, Christmas Eve was a blast! They played many games, including wizard chess (which Ron crushed everyone at, and hermione refused to play). They ate a feast of, turkey and ham, fruits, veggies, applesauce, butterbeer, and pies of many sorts. Later, they cuddled up by the fire. The long couch fit the four kids, Harry and Ginny, and Hermione and Ron. Ginny put her head on Harry's shoulder and snuggled up close. 

"I can't wait for tomorrow." She whispered and fell asleep.

An hour later, Hermione and Ron both went to bed, hermione in Ginny's room and Ron in his own. 

Harry carefully picked up the sleeping Ginny. He gently carried her up stairs and into her room. Hermione was already asleep. He carefully laid her on her bed, kissed her, and said, "goodnight, beautiful." 

"Goodnight, handsome," she whispered back, and Harry left with a sincere smile on his face. 

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