This girl named Amber started cutting at age 12 and now she is 17 and she is still doing it some cuts were very deep but one day she met Niall Horan They became best friends that was the only friend she had because she was bullyed she was called Fat,ugly,bad words,and more she is still bullyed today but hanging with Niall is like her only family but they get into a fight and she moves away and it gets worst with the cuts now so read to find out what happens to Amber!


7. first full day at niall's house

Ambers pov...So that night before I went to bed I thought it was awkward sleeping with a boy because I never did it was weird to me but we I was about to go to sleep Niall said "goodnight princess" I said goodnight back. I woke up it was midnight right before I got out of bed I saw these two kids that were teen girls in the window I was shocked they then ran off I thought I was just seeing stuff so I was not going to say nothing to Niall about that I then went back to sleep.i woke up again it was finally morning but Niall was not in the bed so I headed down stairs to see if he was their And he was.he was making breakfast I said goodmorning babe he said "goodmorning sweety" he then put the food on the table and he said "i made breakfast for you and me" I said Aww thank you babe once we were done eating I got changed into my clothing then I headed down stairs and looked at the clock it was 12:00 which is lunch time so Niall said "are you hungry babe" I said yeah kinda so he headed me to the car and we drove off to a place to eat but I did not know what place but we stopped and we were at Starbucks so we went in and I ordered 3 cookies and a vanilla cream coffie with whipcream and a cheery on top and Niall payed for me and he ordered a donut and a chocolate cream coffie with whipcream on it we then sat down at a table and ate are stuff and I said you are like my hero he said "why" I then said because I stopped me from cutting at bad times I have and I feel free and happy again mostly hanging with you he then said "well that's what I try to do I want to help you and I love you " I said I love you too we then headed out side to leave we parked far away which sucked so when we were walking it started to rain it was pouring down rain so kissed me out of no where we were kissing in the rain it was a happy moment we then headed home and we snuggled and watched movies all night long we then fell asleep on each other!

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