This girl named Amber started cutting at age 12 and now she is 17 and she is still doing it some cuts were very deep but one day she met Niall Horan They became best friends that was the only friend she had because she was bullyed she was called Fat,ugly,bad words,and more she is still bullyed today but hanging with Niall is like her only family but they get into a fight and she moves away and it gets worst with the cuts now so read to find out what happens to Amber!


5. At the hospital?

Nialls pov...Well once I saw Amber on that floor I knew what happen and what she did I am not mad at her I understand her and what she is going throw but I picked her up off of the floor I tried to wake her up but I found out she passed out I said thank goodness to my self I took her out of restraint and put her in my jeep and drove off to the hospital when I was doing that I looked over at her and she looked so beautiful the we got to the hospital I carried her in the hospital but before I went in I said to my self I can't tell that she did self harm that's her secret I will make up a lie so I went in the hospital and the lady said what's wrong with her I said "well umm she was making food and she drop the knife on her arm" so they then took her in a room and I had to stay behind in the office? Ambers pov....So I wake up and I see I am in the hospital and look at my arm I say to my self now I remember but then I here foot steps I think it is the doctor so I close my eyes to bretend I am sleeping so I here niall I am happy but my eyes are still close and then he comes in the room he pets my hair and kisses me on the cheek I then open my eyes slowly to see Niall he says "hello princess I missed you" I then say am I fine is their any thing wrong with me? He says "no there is nothing wrong with you they just put 11 stiches in your arm your fine" I said good but I still fill pain he then said "well you are suppose to go home today how about you live with me for awhile " I said sure I would like that !

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