This girl named Amber started cutting at age 12 and now she is 17 and she is still doing it some cuts were very deep but one day she met Niall Horan They became best friends that was the only friend she had because she was bullyed she was called Fat,ugly,bad words,and more she is still bullyed today but hanging with Niall is like her only family but they get into a fight and she moves away and it gets worst with the cuts now so read to find out what happens to Amber!


6. At Niall's house?!

Ambers I got out of the hospital with mc bandages on my arm and got in the car with Niall and we drove to my house real quick to get my clothing and stuff to stay at nialls I went in my house and got out a suit case I got some clothing out and put it in the suit case then I got my beauty supplies like a hairbrush,Chapstick,eyeliner,mascara then I finally put one more thing i put in my suit case was my blade just in case.i got out of my house caring the suit case I put it in nialls car and we drove away.we then got to his house we went in side and Niall carried my suit case for me I said thx and when I walked in and saw big rooms he guided me up stairs to show me my room it was so beautiful their was a green and white bed and a flat screen tv.we then ate dinner we were eating pizza I had three slices it was good while we were eating we talked about how our life's were as a child and what we liked.right after dinner we heard a knock at the door Niall opened it Niall said come in to the person Niall then said to me "meet Zayn he is my best friend and Zayn meet amber my girlfriend" my checks got red we both said "hi" he whisper to me "if u say a word to me I will cut u" I was shocked I said to Niall I will be up stairs he said "okay" I then went up stairs and I took my bed time clothing in the bath room I closed the door and locked it I took my clothing off and headed in the shower I said to my self while I was bathing my self why does every one hate me even they want to cut me I started to cry softly that nobody could hear me I been in the shower for awhile I here the door open I am frightened I peek over a little to see its that Zayn guy i see there is a bath robe right next to me in the shower I quickly put it on Zayn then says get out of the shower now in a mean voice that Niall can not hear I then get out of the shower he opens a pocket knife and holds it up to my neck and he then says "u play nice now k" I yell for Niall that he can hear me and Zayn jumps in the window and leaves I cry and Niall comes up and opens the door he sees me crying he says "what's wrong?" I said that Zayn guy threted me he would cut me and he came up to the bathroom and said get out I did and he almost cut my neck he then said "I knew that guy was up to no good I hate him how about you sleep in my bed tonight" I said okay!

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