A group of friends; Emma, David, Jake, Joe, Darren, Keith, Andrew, Lola, Layla, Erica, and Carly; are a group of kids, ages ranging seven to fourteen, who out of boredom decide to venture down their street to the mountains at the other end. They pack a few things to spend the day at the top of the mountain, but an unexpected thunderstorm hits. The group of eleven seek refuge in a cave somewhere around halfway up the side of the mountain. The group is oblivious to the fact that the cave is radioactive. And by the time the storm has ceased and they start to make their way home, their powers start to develop. Each child with a different supernatural ability, the group begins to discover them one by one. But sometimes that kind of power can go to your head, and once you start no one can stop you.


1. MEET THE CAST!! sorta...

Emma Mulligan

Power: Psychic

Age: 14

Appearance: Long curly brown hair, brown eyes, glasses, and braces

Personality: shy but loud once you get to know her

Based off: ME

David Mahrill

Power: Invisibility

Age: 13

Appearance: Shoulder-length curly dirty blond hair, blue eyes

Personality: a bit strange but a great sense of humor

Based off: My friend Daniel

Jake Keeghan

Power: Can control time

Age: 13

Appearance: Shoulder-length straight black hair, green eyes, glasses

Personality: one word, insane

Based off: My friend Jacob

Joe Webber

Power: Night vision

Age: 13

Appearance: Short brown hair, brown eyes

Personality: quiet but once he opens up he's crazy

Based off: My friend Jonathan

Darren Potinzah

Power: Speed

Age: 12

Appearance: Short brown hair, hazel eyes

Personality: athletic, and a bit stupid...

Based off: My neighbor/friend David

Keith McGuire

Power: Can speak to the dead

Age: 12

Appearance: Slightly long dirty blond hair, brown/gold eyes (they're weird)

Personality: really innocent, and oblivious to the world

Based off: My neighbor/friend Klevik

Andrew Mulligan

Power: Necromancer

Age: 11

Appearance: Short brown hair, brown eyes

Personality: easily aggravated and very childish

Based off: My younger brother Anthony

Lola McGuire

Power: Human Map

Age: 10

Appearance: Long highlighted curly brown hair, brown eyes

Personality: very girly and somewhat quiet

Based off: Klevik's younger sister Lorina

Layla Webber

Power: Can control the weather

Age: 10

Appearance: Red hair (ginger), brown eyes

Personality: quiet but overall really sweet and cute

Based off: Jonathan's younger sister Lauren

Erica Mahrill

Power: Can breathe underwater

Age: 9

Appearance: medium-length light brown hair, green eyes

Personality: very friendly, outgoing, and loud

Based off: Daniel's younger sister Erin

Carly Mahrill

Power: Can give life to inanimate objects

Age: 7

Appearance: Short blond hair, blue eyes

Personality: friendly, lovable and adorable

Based off: Daniel's younger sister Cara

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