You and I (A Harry Styles Love Story)

I Heard that your a player. So let's play a game.
Let's go on cute dates. Let's make each other laugh until our stomach hurts. Let's share cute kisses. Let's share warm hugs. Let's pretend we trust each other. Let's tell each other that we love each other.
Whoever falls in love first, loses.


1. Eliza

Eliza's P.O.V.

"But Eliza you have to come!!! Pleeeaaaassseee!" my best friend begged.

"You know my opinion on boybands! Especially One Direction!" I argued.

My best friend Isabel was begging mg to go to a stupid One Direction concert. I really didn't want to go because I hate boybands in general. They are stuck up and fakes and try to fool everyone into thinking that they are perfect, angelic human beings. And with One Direction being the biggest boyband in the world and them acting the way they do... Ugh. They just sicken me.

"But please! For me!" she said giving me puppy dog eyes.

Isabel loved One Direction. Completely adored them. She has made up fantasies in her deranged mind that some day she will get married to one of them. As if. She is a stranger to them. They don't even know that she exists.

"How did you even afford tickets?" I asked.

"I used my savings." she shrugged.

I widened my eyes at her.

"You've been saving that money since you were 9! You were going to use it for a car!" I stated in disbelief.

"Yeah, well, I can always take out a loan." she said bluntly.

"You see! That's how much I love them! So much that would pay $1500 for us to go to the concert!" She pleaded.

"Whatever." I sighed.

"Is that a yes!?" She asked, jumping up and down and clapping her hands excitingly.

"Yeeeeessss." I groaned loudly, throwing my head back.

"YAAAAYYY! It's August 19 at LP stadium in Nashville at 7:00 p.m." she said by heart.

"That's a week away!" I exclaimed.

"Yes. And?" she challenged.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier? I need to pack!" I said, mentally preparing the bag that I needed to take.

"It doesn't take a week to pack a bag for one night." she said, matter-of-factly.

"Well we need to plan for it!" I fired back.

"Don't worry. I've spent almost the entire summer planning for this. Just meet me at my house at 3:00 on Tuesday. I've saved up money for our food, gas, hotel room, everything." She said sounding proud if herself.

"When did you save up enough money for that?" I asked.

"Remember, I got that night job a year ago." she said.

"How do you stay awake during the day?" I questioned.

"I have my ways." she smirked.

"Oh." was all I said.

"Well I'll see you Tuesday!" she said, walking towards the door.

"Since I have too." I said back.

"Taeyo." she said before walking out.

"Taeyo." I called back.

We had made a secret language when we were both eight and had used it ever since. 'Taeyo' meant goodbye.




A/N sorry this chapter is short it will get better! I promise!

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