The X Factor

Two bestfriends who go to aufition to the x factor! There is romance, drama and more


1. Chapter1

Chapter 1

Wake up (y/n) its time for breakfast!! Said my bestfriend kara

Kara lives with me since both her parents left her when she was about 8 years old and since then shes been living with us

We went downstair and my mom had made us some homemade waffles my favorite :)

Kara and i always loved to sing and actually we dont sing bad at all.

"You know you girls should audition to one of those singing tv shows like the x factor" said my mom

At that moment kara and i turned around and looked at eachother and started to shout

"YESSSS! It would be amazing!" I shouted

We started to see when the audition was and it was going to be next week

We started to see which song we could sing but we couldnt decide we both wanted different song but at the end we decided to sing Big Girls Dont Cry by Fergie

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