Crazy in love

What happens when Catherine pulls her last stunt and her dads not to happy about it? Her dad sends her off to live with some boy in a house alone together in Ireland. What will happen? Read to find out. ☺


8. chapter 6

Catherine's P.O.V

I fell back asleep and dreamt about puppies. Just kidding I dreamt about going to school tomorrow for the first time. "CATHERINE WAKE UP THERE'S A FIRE." Niall yelled at me. I jumped out of bed and grabbed my jacket. I ran out to see Niall in the hallway without a shirt on. "There isn't a fire but it is defiantly hot in here." He said stretching his leg up against the wall. I just laughed and started walking back to my room when Niall grabbed me around the waist and pulled me into his room. "What are you doing I have to get ready for school." "I know I just wanted to know if um you uh wanted to be my g-girlfriend?" He asked stuttering nervously. "I would love to Niall." I said before I put my lips on his.

Niall's P.O.V

"I know I just wanted to know if um you uh wanted to be my g-girlfriend." I said nervously. "I would love to Niall." I exhaled in a relieved sigh. The next thing I knew her lips where on mine. "We should probably go get dressed for school." She said breaking the kiss. She got up and left the room. I pulled out a pair of sweatpants and a green Ireland soccer team jersey. I walked down stairs and Catherine was sitting on the counter eating toaster strudels. "You really like those don't you?" I asked her. She looked up at me. "I do." I reached my hand out to grab one but she slapped it away. "Heyy why'd you do that for?" I asked "I'm very protective over my food. Especially toaster strudels that's why I ignored you when you took it before." I just nodded and made my self some toast and eggs and jumped up on the counted beside her and started eating. She grabbed a piece of my toast and ran to the bathroom. "Hey! Give it back." I yelled while running after her. "No this is payback. I'll come out whenever I'm done eating it." "We'll you better hurry we need to leave for school on 5 minutes. "K" she said with her mouthful of toast I suspect. I left her to eat in the bathroom. I found my school stuff on the couch. Catherine came running out of the bathroom grabbed her bag and my hand and ran towards the door. "Slow down Catherine." I said while being dragged. "That clock Is an hour late!!" She said Panicking. We rushed threw the front doors of the school. "We are so sorry we are late we're new here and the clock at our house was an hour late." The lady at the front desk nodded "what are your names." She said looking at the computer screen." "Niall horan and Catherine Payne." I said. "Ahh here you are." She handed us our schedules. "You'll be going to 2nd period now." I looked at her schedule and we have all different classes except for Gym and lunch. "Well at Lear we will make friends this way instead of just hanging out with each other." She said kind of sad. We parted ways and walked to my 2nd period class. I opened the door and I saw all the girls staring at the teacher like he was a baby puppy. "Mr. Horan so glad you could make it." He said "have a seat.

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