Crazy in love

What happens when Catherine pulls her last stunt and her dads not to happy about it? Her dad sends her off to live with some boy in a house alone together in Ireland. What will happen? Read to find out. ☺


1. chapter 1

"Catherine!” my dad yelled. I groaned and walked up the dock. “what have I told you?” he said sternly “the next time I do something stupid you will send me off live somewhere in Ireland ” “exactly,now go pack all your crap and get ready to go, we leave in an hour." I groaned and walked up stairs to see my best friend jaz sitting on my bed. "I cant believe you're going off to Ireland in an hour." how am I suppose to pack all of my stuff in an hour ." I asked "go take a shower first , maybe you can think a little while you're in there. ill look up some stuff about Ireland." I went into the bathroom and I stripped all of my clothes off and stepped into the comforting water. when ever I got out I pulled on a new pair of clothes that jaz had set out for me . I found her sitting on my pink chair looking up things about Ireland . "find anything." I asked "well I did figure out that it rains 235 days of the year there on average ." I groaned and plopped on my bed ."you should probably start packing " she said. I pulled my big trunk from the back of my closet and folded my clothes and put them into the trunk along with my MacBook air and my iphone 5c. after I had finished packing all of my stuff my dad yelled from down stairs "come on abri its time to go !" I dragged my trunk downstairs and I pushed it into the car. "goodbye London hello Mullingar ." I said I plopped into the car. hmph this is going to be a long car ride. I said to myself.

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