Adopted By; Little Mix/ Janoskians/ One Direction


1. Chapter; 1 the adoption!

hey, I'm Jasmine

I'm 16, when I turn 18 I'm surely out of this joint.

I don't care if I have a place to stay, money to spend, food to eat, I'm our of here, one way or another.

nobody's ever going to adopt me.

oh, my bad.

let me describe myself to you, guys.

I have brown hair & brown eyes.

I have clear skin, tiny thighs, & a flat stomach..

only because the orphanage can hardly feet everyone.

I mean, it's so bad that I wear a size 0!

I'm 16 for goodness sakes.

I know, I know.

"Jasmine, Jasmine Winters to the front office please." Rachel called over the intercom.


wonder what I got blamed for this time.

"yes, Rachel?" I asked peeking in.

their stood four girls.

drop. dead. gorgeous.

"hey, I'm Perrie."

"hey, I'm Jade."

"hey, I'm Jesy."

"and I'm Leighann."

they all said.

"hey, I'm Jasmine." I smiled.

"well, we'd like to adopt you. would you mind?"

"actually, no, no I wouldn't." I said.

"fake happiness." I thought.

"alright, pack your things.

we're actually going to the mall right after this." I believe, Perrie, stated.

"alright, I'll be back. thank you." I said & ran to my room.

I packed everything and we where on our way to the mall.

* at the mall *

"pick whatever you like, Jasmine." Jesy said.

"oh,okay. thank you." I said, once again.

I picked up a black skirt up to my belly button, and a white laced flowey crop too, with Creme pumps.

"oh my gosh! your taste is. 😍 " Perrie said.

"thank you." I said.

"continue on shopping! you're defiantly getting that!" Leigh said.

"okay." I said.

I then next grabbed black skinny jeans, a plan white T-shirt, a pair of converse, & a black jacket.

I also grabbed two pairs of short shorts, a flowered crop top, I added a cross neck less.

the crop tops ends below my chest & the neck less goes to my belly button.

the second crop too is just simple.

it's multi-colored & ends above my belly button.

I paired these with a pair of grey Jordan's.

and plenty of other outfits.

we paid & then they decided what to do next.

"how about hair, nails, & then we get her a phone." Jade suggested.

everyone nodded.

"how are you getting your hair, Jasmine?" Perrie asked..

"I dunno.. probably just do it black." I replied.

"ah, nice. I'll probably turn mine blonde again." she replied.

*after everyone got hair done. *

"I'm getting blue nails!!" Jade said.

"I'm getting pink." I replied.

if you don't know, my favorite colors pink.

after everyone got their nails done, we headed to a phone store.

"well, we all have iPhone 5C, so we might as well get you one:)" Leigh said.

"what color do you want?" Jesy asked,

"um, hot pink?" ( I know they don't have hot pink. )

I answered.

"okay. I'll go get it & you look for like, two cases." she said & walked to the manager.

"let's pick cases!" Leigh, Perrie & Jade all said.

"I like this one." Jade said.

the case was black and it had a big white 3D bow on it.

( actually have it on. ) "it's perfect!" I said and smiled.

"one more." Leigh said & continued to look.

"I like this one!" Perrie & Leigh both said.

they both chose the same case.

it was a hard back hot pink case with Ed Sheeran lyrics on it.

"oh my gosh.. YES!" I replied & grabbed it.

"alright, I'll go pay for these." Perrie said & walked away.

moments later both Jesy & Perrie came back.

"here's the cases." Perrie said.

"here's the phone. I already put our numbers in:)" Jesy said.

"thank you." I said & put my hot pink iPhone 5c in my back pocket & the bag with he phone cases in my hand & we went to a make-up store & hair store in one.

"do you know what kind if make-up you use?" Jesy asked.

"nope..I said & they Perrie, Jade, Jesy, & Leigh all dragged me to different make-up.

"alright, you'll need this, this, this, and this, oh! that too!" they all said.

well, let's just say I left with three bags full of make-up.

"now, hair." Leigh said.

"you'll need a straightener, curler, & a blow dryer." they said.

my straightener was a Vera Bradley print.

my curler was pink.

my blow dryer is pink & purple.

"thank you guys so much!"

"were not even close to being done yet."

"BEDROOM STFF!" they yelled.

"awesomeeeee!" I replied.

* after *

I ended up leaving the bedroom store with a flat screen tv, a hot pink big ol' blanket to cover my king size bed.

I got zebra pillows, I also got a vanity & this mirror.

the vanity is black & had three mirrors, & had three door things.

the mirror is white & stand ups.

you had hooks on the outside & you open up the mirror & you basically keep all your jewelry or whatever in it.

I also got a laptop, a hot pink glass table, & a big black comfy computer chair.!

posters, a clock, & more.

"thank you guys so much." I said to them.

"you're welcome(:" they all replied at once & everyone broke out laughing.

"alright, let's get your room & close up!" they yelled once we arrived at this huge house.

and we all got to work.

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