For Scarlett (A Loki FanFiction)

In the cold month of December, Loki and Scarlett meet. He is in need of a hand and she is willing to give one. Over the course of a couple of days they become strong friends, despite the fact that Loki is a wanted criminal and Scarlett a policewoman. They help each other and listen to each other, and try to give the strong friendship they both need. Christmas comes and goes, tears are shed and presents are given, but when a Boxing Day walk turns into a capture, will their newly found friendship be strong enough to last through it? Featuring: Loki, Thor and maybe the Avengers


8. Psycho


That day Loki raised $55 by doing menial jobs for the pedestrians who lived in the row of houses. That amount of money wouldn't be enough for what he wanted, but it was an encouraging start. All the people were kind and understanding and most gave him a job to do. Out of the eight people he saw, six gave him a small task and one told him to come back the following day for a job. The other man had nothing for him except a kind and empathetic pat on the shoulder which Loki accepted as a sign of good luck. He spent his while morning working and by the time he got back to the flat it was past one. Scarlett was not home.

Loki hid the money in his pillowcase and placed the number back on the side. He shrugged his coat off and made himself a coffee, slipping onto the sofa with Seb once it was done to watch something called 'Masterchef.'

"I'm back!" Scarlett called at two when she arrived. Loki went to greet her at the door.

"Hi," he said simply.

"Heya. What have you been doing?"

"Just watching the television. Nothing very exciting. What about you?"

"Catching criminals and rounding up all the baddies."


"No. Just on the beat." They sat down together on the sofa. The two sat in silence for a few moments until Loki broke it.

"If you work for the police force then why haven't you taken me to be locked up?"

"I was wondering how long it'd take you to ask that. We're friends, aren't we? I can't turn in my friend."

Loki stayed silent.

"Plus, I can't let you be locked up for Christmas. You're a good guy. Just misunderstood. That'd be such a bad thing to do."


"Wanna watch movies? I picked up some today I thought you'd like."

"Really?" Loki asked, curious now.

"Definitely. Saw, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Cabin In The Woods. I thought we'd have a comedy night. For you, anyway. Horror for me like all the other normal non-psychopathic people."

"Are you calling me a psycho?"

"Well, yeah," she laughed. He smiled.

"Sounds like a fun night," the prince decided.

"Well, just let me get changed and we'll get straight into them. I think I have some old Japanese horrors lying around that aren't as gory aswell if you're interested. Have a look at my DVD shelves over there and pick some stuff out."

With that she left, undoing her hair from the bun she had it in and pulling off her jacket. She shut her door once in and Loki was left alone again.

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