For Scarlett (A Loki FanFiction)

In the cold month of December, Loki and Scarlett meet. He is in need of a hand and she is willing to give one. Over the course of a couple of days they become strong friends, despite the fact that Loki is a wanted criminal and Scarlett a policewoman. They help each other and listen to each other, and try to give the strong friendship they both need. Christmas comes and goes, tears are shed and presents are given, but when a Boxing Day walk turns into a capture, will their newly found friendship be strong enough to last through it? Featuring: Loki, Thor and maybe the Avengers


7. Ma'am


The next day Loki was awoken early by a light blow on his face. He groaned and sat up. He heard laughter beside him and he swore.

"Oi you!" Scarlett mocked seriousness. She brushed the hair from his face.

"I'm going to work, okay? I'll be back a little after lunch so help yourself to anything you want from the fridge. You still have cash from yesterday if you want to order anything in via the phone. Literally help yourself to anything you want, just don't break anything and if you're going out, be safe."

"Huh? You're going out?"

"I'm not going to repeat myself. If you need something, just call. My number is on the worktop." Loki looked at her for the first time and saw she was dressed up in a smart black and white uniform which he recognised to be that belonging to the police. Odd that.

"I'll miss you," he muttered as he collapsed back down onto the bed. She chuckled.

"I'll miss you too. I'll be back soon, though so don't worry."

Loki nodded into his pillow and muttered a goodbye. Scarlett left for work.

A good three hours later and Loki was digging into some bacon and eggs which he had prepared himself. The silence of the apartment was very daunting to him, and once he'd finished he headed out.

He took the slip of paper with Scarlett's number on it and slipped it into his jean's pocket. It was a very cold day, but Loki didn't mind. Winter was his favourite season, after all.

Trudging along the steets with his hood up, he enjoyed the silence and the freedom. It was strange to Loki to be the same as everyone else. His whole life he'd been a prince. Everyone either respected or feared him, and it got a bit tiring when everyone knew who you were.

His thoughts drifted off to his family. His mother, Frigga, who he loved and respected even though she was married to Odin. He never treated Loki like a son. Thor though. His brother and only real friend apart from Scarlett. Should he get Thor a Christmas present? Would that be appropriate.

The young man shook his head, bothered by the whole celebration. It confused him immensely and bothered him constantly. He now knew what to get Scarlett, but actually getting it without her and her money would be challenging.

Hey, he was all for a challenge.

So Loki suddenly veered left towards a row of houses.

Using a spell to change his appearance he went and knocked on the first house's door. It was tired and worn, and much suited to the lady who opened it.

"Hello, ma'am," Loki said with a smile. She smiled back.

"Hello, deary. What can I do for you?"

"Well I was wondering if there's anything-" Loki took a breath and swallowed his pride, "- I could do for you to raise a little bit of money."

"Erm... I suppose you could have a go at fixing my radio. It's been broken for the best part of a month but I just haven't known who to call."

"Of course! I'd be glad to help."

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