The freak

Its About this Girl Katrina and she has alot going on in her life and she tries to kill herself


1. The Very Beginging

   Part one-

"I thought you loved me!" Katrina cried angrily at her boyfriend, Chris who she had just saw kissing her best friend Leah.
"I do babe. I just love her more."
"You- You said.... I was the one.... "
"I know but your just not.... good enough for me." Chris said.
"No Chris, tell her the darn truth! She is an ugly fat idiot!" Leah, spoke up from beside him.
"I-I'm just going to go." Katrina whispered.
"yeah go die, ugly fat girl." Leah spat.
"Fine....." Katrina said and ran towards her house.

Katrina walked upstairs to her room and opened her hidden box. In it held a razor and a bottle of pills.
"Not tonight." She whispered. She put the pills back but brought the razor out. She held her arm out and slowly drew the cold blade over her arm. Dark red seeped from the long cuts and she cleaned them up and slid into bed.

The next day Katrina went to school.
"Hey fattso."
"Emo ugly dumb kid."
"Go die!"
"Slit your wrists ugly!" The kids jeered.
Katrina's eyes filled with tears and she ran into class.

After school she went home and checked her email.
She opened one from some guy named, Carl.
Hey there ugly! You need to kill yourself, tonight Kay?
Katrina's eyes filled with tears and a email said,
A new comment was posted on your photo.
She opened it and it said, "Go die you fat idiot! Errr your so ugly!"

She was alone.
It was midnight.
She puled out the pills.
Downed them all.
And she cried.
And cried.
And cried.
Because she woke up.
She did not die.
And right now, that was all she wanted.


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